Imlie 4th September 2023 Written Update

Imlie 4th September 2023 Written Update

Imlie 4th September 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 4th September 2023 episode starts with Devika feeling proud as she makes preparations for Choti Imlie's naming ceremony.

Meanwhile, upon noticing the gold bangles, Anu goes to the priest by hiding her face and demands the bangles by making an excuse that she will purify them in Ganga's water.

The priest gives it to her as Anu calls herself Choti Imlie's "Nani" and walks away.

Later, the naming ceremony starts and the priest asks for the bangles while stating that the baby's Nani had taken them.

The family gets confused as the baby's Nani, Imlie is not even alive but lets it go thinking that the Panditji misheard the person. 

They again continue with the pooja when the necessity for the Kalash comes up. 

The priest reveals once against that the 'Nani' of the baby had taken them. 

All the family members look at each other confusing while Divya comes forward remembering that she had taken the gold bangles and the Kalash. 

She returns the items and the pooja continues as intended while Anu recalls how she returned the Kalash and the gold bangles to Divya while continually hiding her identity. 

Anu internally murmurs that this time she won't do anything small.

Rather, she intends to do something big and she also gets enraged when Rana sings the "Nanhi Pari" song for Choti Imlie.

The family members start whispering the name that they want the baby to have in the baby's ear while Kairi sees this and insists on whipping into the baby's ear too. 

Imlie nods and Kairi speaks into the baby's ear that she wants to name her 'Choti Imlie' making the family members laugh. 

Further,  the priest tells Imlie to walk outside the house and make a circle of it as a part of the ritual.

Imlie starts walking toward the main gate with a heavy feeling in her heart, making her turn back to the family.

Atharva and the other family members nod at her giving her courage as she steps out of the Rana house. 

All of a sudden after Imlie leaves with Choti Imlie, the earthquake hits the city making the house shake with tremors.

Imlie tries to rush back inside to save her family but Atharva tells her to stay outside as it's safer. 

Atharva saves the family and brings them outside safely when just then, they notice that Kairi is not with them.

Imlie panics and stares at Atharva while Kairi who is inside the house screams for help.

Atharva rushes inside to save his daughter and brings her outside while the rescue team also comes to the spot just in time.

Meanwhile, the rescue team also ends up saving Anu after which Rana's family sees her face and gets shocked.

They question her about what she is doing here and what is her ill intent this time but she just remains quiet.

The Rana's also notice that Rudra is not with them after which Atharva for the third time goes inside the shaking house to bring Rudra out as Imlie gets worried visibly.

After both Atharva and Rudra come out, Atharva notices that Rudra's pulse is low and he faints immediately after coming out while Arto gets shocked.

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