Imlie 5th April 2023 Written Update

Imlie 5th April 2023 Written Update

Imlie 5th April 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 5th April 2023 episode starts with Dhairya handing Devika, Shivani, and Divya doing the tyre checking task.

When Devika notices this, she asks Dhairya to consider her as her mother and assign them a low-stress task, to which Dhairya becomes enraged and claims that Devika is not her mother.

He lets out all of his rage and continues to say that while Devika may need to work, but his mother works harder and does a lot more work than just changing tires.

He storms out, leaving Devika, Shivani, and Divya befuddled, and Imlie, seeing their confusion, shows them how to change the tire.

However, after failing to complete the task properly, the three give up and leave the office.

Imlie then calls Atharva, who informs her that the meeting was the worst ever and avoids the call, after which Imlie plans to surprise Atharva and enlists the assistance of Ginni.

Dhairya, who is standing outside, hears everything, and as Imlie approaches, he steps backward, confronting her.

Dhairya mutters that he will not let the Atharva be happy in life as Imlie leaves the office while talking with Ginni.

Later, Imlie enters the mansion and notices Devika and Shivani are sad.

She explains that being a housewife is not an easy task and makes them feel valued.

On hearing this, Atharva begins clapping and proclaims everyone present here is a champion.

Meanwhile, Dhairya arrives at a bar, and when Beema sees him, he begins shivering because he is drinking despite the fact that he is on the night shift.

Dhairya asks Beema to be comfortable and then forces him to drink heavily, causing him to lose his senses.

Meanwhile, Imlie brightens Atharva's mood by displaying all of his concert Polaroid pictures, which are beautifully decorated and hung on the wall, while Atharva remains depressed because they are all from his past.

Imlie takes Atharva's hand in his and tells him that it will soon be his future, and the audience will remember him as 'DJ Atharva' once more.

Meanwhile, Dhairya sends Beema to work, and as he walks away, Dhairya calls the cops.

While Imlie and Atharva are having a romantic candlelight coffee date at home, they consider going out and spending time together, but Dhairya calls and informs her that Beema is in the police station, completely drunk, with all of the goods and trucks.

Imlie rushes out of the house, while Dhairya mutters that he will fill Imlie and Atharva's relationship with only hardship and discontentment.

Imlie arrives at the police station and requests that the inspector release Beema because no one has been injured, to which they begin mocking Imlie because she is a woman in charge of a transportation company.

When the inspectors inform Imlie to bring her lawyer, Dhairya sides with her and ask her to bribe the inspector.

Imlie, excited, utters the word bribe loudly, and the inspector, hearing this, becomes enraged and orders Imlie to be imprisoned.

When Dhairya and Beema exit the station and see Rudra and Atharva, he begins slapping Beema repeatedly, demonstrating his responsibility to correct him.

Rudra then stops Dhairya and claims that seeing him motivates him, at which point Dhairya begins his life-long drama of serving Rudra.

However, inside the jail, Imlie hears one of the female constables say the word DJ which leads her to believe that Atharva is present.

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