Imlie 5th April 2024 Written Update

Imlie 5th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Imli telling Malti that it's her right to worry for Surya but she doesn't have any right to yell at her.

After that, Malti asks her to directly ask Surya about it after which Imlie tells her that she has been asking Surya but he isn't telling anything.

Then, Malti tells her that Surya and Anjali love each other but due to her, he has left Anjali forever which is wrong then Imlie tells her that Surya isn't a kid who got manipulated by her.

Meanwhile, Anjali asks Surya why he didn't marry her and chooses Imlie in place of her after which Surya does not say anything but asks her to not question him and asks her to go from there.

Anjali asks him what is missing in her that he left her for Imlie while Malti shows Anjali and Surya’s photo to Imlie and tells her that he was very happy with Anjali before coming to Purvayia.

Imlie is shocked to see the photo and she keeps the phone over there and goes outside while Surya comes out and asks Malti if she opened his and Malti's photo.

Malti becomes worried and lies to him that she didn't open it when Anjali came out after which he asks Anjali to go along with Malti back home and he goes to find Imlie.

Then, he comes out and meets Imlie after which she asks him why he sacrificed his love for marrying her after which Surya tells him that he promised Dadi that's why he married her.

Imlie questions him for coming to the temple for the wedding after which Surya also asks her why did she come to the temple which keeps Imlie’s mouth quiet.

On the other hand, Malti returns home along with Anjali while Nirmala asks about Surya after which she tells everyone that he will come along with Imlie then Hemlata’s husband comes there and says that he is newly married so he will be spending time with Imlie.

Malti tells everyone that today she felt that Surya married Imlie just for a name shake and she felt that he was not happy in this marriage after which Indira waited for Surya to return home and they came back home after some time.

Indira stops them and asks Surya why is he lying to everyone that he is happy with Imlie after which Imlie says that she doesn't know why Surya married her then Indira tells her that he married her to show sympathy to her.

Imlie tells Indira that she was happy before marrying him and was trying to live her life again after Augustya passed away while Surya’s uncle asks him to take her away Imlie from there whereas Surya tells him to not stop Imlie.

After that, he goes from there while Imlie also goes behind him and argues while Nirmala, Malti, and Anjali wonder what would be the reason for Surya marrying Imlie.  

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