Imlie 5th August 2023 Written Update

Imlie 5th August 2023 Written Update

Imlie 5th August 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 5th August 2023 episode starts with Imlie finding out about a bomb residing inside Kairi's watch through her bomb tracer.

She runs out hurriedly with the watch and reaches the basement area where she suddenly stops.

Upon seeing Kairi and the Rana family having a good time Imlie wonders about her doings & thinks that retired general uncle can help her out.

Later Imlie reaches the retired uncle's place and tells him that she has so much trust in him that she didn't even go to the police station.

The uncle thanks her and offers to deactivate the bomb from Kairi's watch ultimately dissolving it in a chemical solution.

Imlie thanks him but gets double concerned when the general informs of the bomb being a connector to create a blast.

Imlie immediately gets a flashback of the man in the basti and informs the general after which she rushes out.

Meanwhile Imlie reaches the school premises and talks to Atharva over the call informing about the bomb attached in the watch.

Atharva extends his hand support to her and hangs up the call when he is suddenly slapped.

At the school premises, Imlie gets to know of the peon's name being Mohan alerting the principal.

She offers to go to his home and checks the address given by a teacher but it's all fake.

The teacher calls all the parents up and one by one gets them to remove the watch.

Back at Rana villa the members are tied up and the goons are told to not do anything to Kairi.

Kairi insists they stop while Mohan blames Imlie for everything they are facing now with a flashback revealing that they found out about the disbursement of the bomb leading them to come here.

Atharva calls out Mohan on his anti-social actions leading Mohan to point the gun towards him.

Elsewhere Imlie gets a call from Atharva but to her horror discovers it's Mohan who wants to make things equal since Imlie messed his plan up.

He threatens to convert the Rana house into a graveyard leading him to fire the gun in the air and telling her to no go to the police and hangs up laughing.

Later Mohan and his gang imprison the Rana family in their den where Devika eventually finds out a way to escape from there by seeing rods.

She turns towards Rudra who gives her the rod and finally through Kairi she receives it where she surprisingly comes out of her bondage.

On the other side Mohan on a call confirms Imlie not informing the authorities when Kairi comes in and diverts his attention.

The goons come in to the place of imprisonment of the Ranas and one by one all the family members beat them up.

Manish and Rudra tend to lose but Devika and the other female members beat the goons up.

At school a concerned Principal asks after a disturbed Imlie who lies about the police coming in and the bomb squad too hurrying to the Ranas.

At the den things intensify between the Ranas and the goons but Shivani and Divya get defeated and are at gun point when Devika hits Mohan.

Mohan comes up with a knife to stab her leading her to go backwards and thrust it forward but Atharva holds his hand on time to the relief of the Rana family and a smiling Kairi.

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