Imlie 5th February 2024 Written Update

Imlie 5th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie 5th February 2024 episode starts with Ashu running to Agastya with tears in his eyes however he says that he has no surprise for Imlie but just wants her and Agastya to be happy.

The wedding celebrations begin, and Imlie enters while Agastya looks at her mesmerized.

Anapoorna says where Shivani is which makes Avinash say that he will look for her and they do not need to worry.

Imlie's uncle and aunt enter which makes Imlie very happy after which they give their blessings to her.

The wedding ritual begins while on the other hand, Avinash finds Shivani locked in the room and releases her.

Downstairs, Imlie and Agastya are taking their pheras when Shivani takes Anapoorna to a corner and tells her the truth about Imlie and her sister Kairi.

Anapoorna goes to Agastya and Imlie and stops them from taking their Pheras after which she asks Imlie if she knew the girl because of whom Dhanjar died.

She then shows the picture to her and asks who she is to which Imlie replies this is Kairi her elder sister.

Imlie realises that Kairi and Dhanraj were married which takes the color off her face.

Agastya is shocked to his core while Alka says that Imlie's drama has come to an end which makes Imlie say that she did not know about this and it is just a coincidence.

Vishwa enters and says that it is an act of revenge, not a coincidence.

He says that now he will tell them a story, he continues to say that once Meera who was a dancer at a bar met Kunal whom she knew was married out of her greediness.

But her plan went to the soil as Kunal did not accept her but only his son so she killed Kunal.

He says that now the fire of revenge burned into her when she found out Imlie and Kairi in the river so she raised them in a way to train them to take revenge on the Chaudharies.

Vishwa says that it is a well-curated plan to which Imlie says that Vishwa is the one hatching a plan.

Anapoorna says that how can Imlie betray them like this and then asks Imlie to shut up as she knows Imlie has come to take revenge on her and her family.

She continues to Bash Imlie and Kairi which makes Imlie say that it is enough now as she has also lost her sister and she will not hear anything against her dead sister.

Alka says how dare Imlie talk like this to Anapoorna to which Imlie says how can they trust Vishwa who has never met Kairi instead they should trust her as Kairi can never do something like this.

Agastya yells and says that he has seen how manipulative Kairi was which makes Imlie say that she should be the one blaming as they were the ones who could not accept Kairi and even when the accident happened, they left Kairi behind and took their son to the hospital.

Agastya says that Imlie's sister was a cheap woman which makes Imlie slap him while Vishwa smiles.

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