Imlie 5th January 2023 Written Update

Imlie 5th January 2023 Written Update

Imlie 5th January 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 5th January 2023 episode starts with Imlie trying to persuade Atharva not to give up on his singing career and also asks him not to call Cheeni because it is like banging his head on the wall.

All the family members come out of their rooms when they hear Imlie and Atharva arguing.

Imlie tells Atharva that she understands his pain and asks him to embrace his pain and bring it into his songs.

Atharva gets infuriated and tells her that she dares not tell him what to do.

He tells her that he will break her false hope right in front of her by canceling the event.

The next day, Imlie worriedly sits on the bed and remembers the last night when Ripu and Ginni enter and tell Imlie that Atharva is adamant about not attending the event.

Imlie calls the manager and informs him about Atharva.

The manager asks Imlie to convince Atharva otherwise no one will ever trust him, and the manager will also serve from a huge loss as the whole show is sold out.

Meanwhile, Atharva gets up and sees Imlie reaching toward him with a bucket of water.

Atharva immediately gets up and says that he has woken up and she doesn't need to throw water on him again.

Imlie says that the bucket is empty, and he has to fill it with money as he owes a lot of money to the manager and for that, he either needs to attend the concert or do some other work to earn the money.

Atharva says that there is a third option and takes Imlie to Rudra, but Rudra refuses to give him money and instead asks him to fulfill his commitment.

However, Shivani arrives and tells Atharva that she will give him the money to which Devika interrupts and says that she is spoiling Atharva.

Rudra says that Atharva is betraying the only thing he has ever truly loved and no one in the family will support him to do so.

Atharva says to Imlie that she has won and congratulates him.

Imlie says that this is not a game, and he should not let down his fans who pay for his ticket with their hard-earned money.

Atharva replies that even his fans should be familiar with his true self, the one who betrays everyone. 

Meanwhile, at the Rathore house, Rupy, Arpita, and Sundar are talking about how Imlie is trying her best to send Atharva to the concert.

Cheeni overhears the conversation and barges in saying that according to them she destroyed and spoiled Atharva while Imlie is great enough to fix it.

She goes on to say that Imlie is not as great as they think because she has misbehaved with Cheeni.

Everyone asks Cheeni if she has visited Rana Villa to which Cheeni replies that she called Atharva when Imlie took the phone from him and misbehaved.

Rupy blames Cheeni and says that next time Imlie should misbehave more than the last time.

Arpita asks Cheeni to focus on Abhishek, not Atharva.

Cheeni is furious and says to herself that she will make Imlie pay.

Meanwhile, Imlie comes up with a plan and asks everyone in the family to convince Atharva.

Everyone tries their best to convince him, but Atharva says that no matter what, he will not go to the event.

While Imlie says that the event will happen no matter what and dresses up in a pop-style costume.

She says that she will attend the concert if he doesn't. 

Atharva asks her what she will perform on the stage.

Imlie breaks into a silly song while Atharva says that he knows she is trying to trick him into going to the concert.

However, Imlie leaves the house along with Rippu and Ginni for the concert.

Meanwhile, Keya informs Cheeni about the incident. 

Cheeni laughs and says that Imlie will only embarrass herself on the stage.

On the other hand, Atharva stubbornly sticks to the house and plays a video game when he overhears Rudra asking Shivani why she is turning a blind eye towards Atharva's faults. 

Meanwhile, Imlie nervously reaches the concert and prays that the name of the Rana family does not go into the dirt.

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