Imlie 5th June 2023 Written Update

Imlie 5th June 2023 Written Update

Imlie 5th June 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 5th June 2023 episode starts with Imlie questioning Atharva about Kerry, and Atharva is ready to declare that Imlie is Kerry's mother when he stops himself.

However, Imlie demands that Atharva not talk to her about anything other than Kerry, while Atharva resolves to take Kerry with him as soon as she is well.

They both glare out the window in wrath and when they get to the Rana house, Imlie dresses up as a comical clown and makes things fun for Kerry.

Kaiti, upon seeing Imlie, smiles broadly and declares, "Her princess mumma is finally back!"

Kerry sits on Imlie's lap, cuddling her warmly.

Imlie tells Kerry that she has to eat a lot of vitamins so that she gets well soon, and Kerry happy, kisses Imlie on the cheeks.

Cheeni, on the other hand, stands anxiously looking at Kerry, and Rudra muses that even though Kerry's mother is Cheeni, Kerry is more bonded to Imlie than she is to her.

Cheeni becomes more concerned when Atharva urges her to behave correctly, while Cheeni yells in anxiety that it is obvious that Imlie is only Kerry's mother and not her.

Meanwhile, Rudra phones the hospital and says he wants to do a DNA test and will send the sample soon.

He mutters that his suspicion about Cheeni was right when she was unable to correctly answer the doctor's questions and that he wants to disclose the truth about Kerry's mother.

Cheeni sobs, indicating that she will die if the truth is out, while Atharva confirms that Kerry will always be with them.

Cheeni strokes Kerry's forehead with love and cares at night when Atharva questions her about Kerry's medicine.

Imlie steps in, providing the medicine for Kerry, and as she is about to leave, Kerry stops her.

Kerry insists on Imlie staying with her at night to cure her fever and states that Atharva, Cheeni, and Imlie sleep with her.

Cheeni requests Atharva to allow Imlie to stay with Kerry so that Kerry can recover quickly.

Devika, on the other hand, is in the kitchen preparing delicious meals for Atharva when Rudra enters and comments that Devika's preparation of sweets for Atharva is like a ritual for her.

Devika begins to mock  Imlie for not caring when Atharva arrived, while Rudra defends Imlie.

Rudra demands that Devika stop bothering Imlie for everything, while Devika rages that if Imlie hadn't left Atharva 5 years ago, he would still be hers.

Rudra urges her to consider Imlie, but Devika warns him that Imlie will have to divorce Atharva in order for Atharva and Cheeni's relationship to be legitimate.

Meanwhile, Imlie and Atharva hold Kerry's hand while she sleeps, and Cheeni gets a pillow and lies down on the next couch.

However, when Cheeni wakes up in the middle of the night, she discovers Imlie sleeping on Atharva's shoulder.

Cheeni mutters how she is only a character in this story, but Imlie and Atharva are real, and as she hits something, the sound wakes Imlie.

The next morning, Devika encourages Atharva to sit at the table and serves him a variety of his favorite dishes.

This prompts Atharva and Devika to invite Cheeni to join them, and she serves them exquisite food. 

However, when Imlie enters, Atharva makes a disgruntled look along with Devika.

Meanwhile, Kerry arrives and demands that everyone laugh loudly or she will not have breakfast.

However all of a sudden, Kerry begins coughing loudly, which worries Imlie and Atharva.

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