Imlie 5th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 5th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 5th March 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 5th March 2023 episode starts with Imlie telling everyone that she and Chini has decided to reveal the truth together.

However, Chini refuses to accept it and tells Imlie to not blame her.

Rudra tries to tell Atharva the whole truth but Atharva doesn’t listen to him as he tells Imlie that she’s not his family or friend at this moment.

Imlie pleads that Atharva listens to her but he is adamant about not wanting to hear any excuses.

Atharva asks if she did this to take revenge on him but she weeps as she denies it.

He sarcastically says that she has done a good job at her revenge and tells how he had been praying for her day and night, running around her like crazy, worrying about her but now, just feels like a fool.

Atharva tells Imlie that even if she denies the act now, he will believe her but as Imlie remains speechless knowing that she lied, he asks her how he will handle the truth now.

He asks her what he did to deserve this and tells her that even her mom and dad will be humiliated by her.

Meanwhile, Chini smirks as she feels delighted at this opportunity to become Atharva’s next wife.

Later, Anu comes running to Chini in joy hearing that Atharva insulted Imlie in front of everyone.

Imlie comes to confront Chini who only tells her to have been smarter before getting caught.

Atharva stands near the stairs and Imlie tugs his hand to make him listen but he tells her that every word in Imlie’s letter is haunting him.

He tells her that seeing her face only makes him angry now and it’s better if she stays away from him.

As Atharva drives in rage, flashbacks of the sweet memories he had with Imlie post her “memory loss” replay in his head and a distracted Atharva hits a pole with his car.

Chini, who is driving right behind him, on Anu’s instructions, quickly rushes out of her car to help Atharva.

He is still delusional as thoughts of Imlie play in his head and he momentarily thinks Imlie is the one standing in front of him.

As soon as he recognizes that the girl is Chini, she tells him she will take care of him.

She gets in the car but tells him that the car is not starting and there’s no phone signal either.

She suggests they look for some help as she points in uncertain directions and takes Atharva to a small desolate storage unit.

She texts Anu that part one of her plan is done and the second part is Anu’s responsibility while Atharva feels dizzy as he’s drunk.

Someone knocks at the door of the storage unit and a crowd of people gathers thinking there are thieves inside along with the police.

Chini pretends to be panicked as Atharva manages to get up to open the door.

As the door opens, the people outside start to talk trash about Atharva and Chini as they say that a guy and a girl in such a desolate area so late at night can only do one thing.

Chini tells them that they are from a good family but they continue with their commentary while Atharva tells them to stay within their limits.

They ask whether Atharva will marry her and fed up with the repeated questions, Atharva says yes.

Chini is surprised and tells him that Imlie will get hurt to which he replies that if it will hurt Imlie, then he will marry her for sure.

He takes Chini’s hand in hers as he decides to go home and announce of their marriages to their families.

On coming home, Rudra tells Atharva to not make such big decisions hurriedly while Devika tells him to be considerate of Imlie at least.

Atharva tells her that Imlie didn’t care for her so he has now decided to move on happily with Chini.

As Imlie arrives, Shivani informs her of the news Atharva just broke down while Imlie looks at him helplessly.

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