Imlie 5th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 5th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 5th May 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 5th May 2023 episode starts with Atharva walking on the beach barefoot and reliving his past moments with Imlie.

A beautiful song plays in the background as Imlie's face appears in Atharva's mind and he watches the ocean waves, standing still.

The day turns into the evening when Cheeni comes out to ask Atharva to return home.

She notices his sad expression but doesn't say anything when he leaves the spot.

Meanwhile, Rudra's words about not forgiving her as a father echoes in Devika's mind and she stops eating the food.

When Shivani urges her to eat a little, Dhairya notices Devika's disturbed condition and gets ready to take out the car.

However, she shuts him off rudely, saying her family is there to take care of her and remembers Atharva painfully.

Meanwhile, Atharva wakes up as if he heard Devika call him and gets startled.

He starts murmuring how he isn't able to fulfill any of Kairi's needs and blames himself.

However, Cheeni tries to console him and asks him to take it easy since Kairi is an understanding kid.

Atharva states that he's a useless father who is enough to ruin Kairi's demands while Cheeni stops herself from physically comforting Atharva by putting her hands on his shoulders.

Kairi hears their conversation while Atharva tries calling his friends for money but none of them agree.

After Atharva leaves, Cheeni thinks that she should also do something & calls Anu.

However, Anu isn't one bit changed and tells Cheeni that she shouldn't forget that Kairi is Imlie's kid and will forget her when she meets her real mother.

Anu still transfers some money into Cheeni's account but Atharva asks her to return it back.

Atharva tries to make Cheeni understand that all he has is his self-respect and he doesn't want to rent it out to Anu.

Meanwhile, Devika is stretched in the hospital, uttering Atharva's name.

Later, the nurse comes out while Dhairya asks her about Devika.

The nurse says he must be Atharva whom Devika is calling while Rudra gets emotional and states that he is Dhairya Rana, his son.

This makes Aakash angry and he glares at the duo.

Rudra, on the other hand, argues that he neglected Dhairya and never considered him to be his son.

He feels sad remembering the last time he saw Atharva, while Dhairya consoles him.

On the other hand, Atharva assures Cheeni that if Rudra had taken the initiative and stopped him, he would have stayed, but all he did was stand and encourage Dhairya and his affair.

He resolves to send Kairi to Summer camp by any means necessary and Kairi overhears this exchange.

Kairi makes a noise, causing Atharva and Cheeni to run into the room, where they see all of her artwork spread on the bed.

They both laugh at her paintings while calling Kairi but she hides inside the bathroom and begs Atharva not to send her to the camp.

Meanwhile, Imlie bids the children in the camp a nice night's sleep and when she spots a girl roaming around tensely, she calms her down and assures her that they will speak with her mother in the morning.

 On the other hand, Kairi is pretending to be asleep, and as she awakens, she considers going to view the camp.

As she moves outside the door, two goons approach her.

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