Imlie 5th May 2024 Written Update

Imlie 5th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Nirmala eating the dinner cooked by Imlie secretly after that she notices Indira comes there.

Nirmala lies to her that she was not able to eat the dinner cooked by Imlie after which Indira taunts her and asks her to clean the proof before lying.

Indira makes her feel embarrassed after which Nirmala asks her to not worry and says that Imlie will go back in six days but Indira says that Surya will not let Imlie go away from there.

Then, Nirmala suggests she fix Surya's Rishta with Anjali so that he can move on in his life along with Anjali Indira gets impressed by her idea and she decides to talk about this thing with Anjali's mother.

Malti calls Anjali and informs about this thing to Anjali which makes her excited and she comes to Surya's house on next day after which Imlie notices her over there and wonders what is she doing there.

Imlie murmurs that she should not interrupt in Surya's matter when Surya comes there and tries to talk to Imlie but Anjali comes over there and talks to him as he asks her what is she doing there.

Meanwhile, Indira calls Surya and asks him if Imlie is leaving his life and this house in six days or not after which Surya tells her that she will be leaving soon after which Indira tells him that now she can find a girl for him to fix his wedding.

Indira suggests to him Anjali and says that she will be the perfect match for him but Surya calls Imlie and tells Indira that he is married to Imlie so he cannot marry her.

Anjali feels bad after which Malti tells everyone that Surya and Anjali were in a relationship before Imlie came into Surya's life but he b with Anjali just because of Imlie.

Nirmala scolds Imlie for coming between Suryaa and Anjali's love life but Imlie says that she never wants to interfere with their matter.

Surya tells Indira that he will not marry anyone else Anjali is his past and Imlie is her present after which Imlie asks Surya to move on in his life along with Anjali and not sacrifice his love for her.

Meanwhile, deep down Imlie feels bad while Surya tells everyone that Imlie's heart is pure and he likes such types of people after which goes away from there while CJ asks Shweta to delay marriage-related things for two days.

Imlie goes into her room and suddenly someone knocks at her door, and she thinks that Surya is there after which she says that she wants him to move on in his life and she does not feel anything for him.

Then, she goes to open the door and notices Hemlata over there and she asks Imlie if she genuinely does not like Surya and if will she be able to move on in her life but Imlie does not respond after which Hemlata explains to her to not go away from Surya.   

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