Imlie 6th April 2023 Written Update

Imlie 6th April 2023 Written Update

Imlie 6th April 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 6th April 2023 episode starts with Imlie urging Atharva and Rudra to go home that everything would be OK soon.

As Rudra exit the police station, Atharva declares that he will stay here today to care for Imlie.

However, three arrogant ladies are imprisoned with Imlie and begin behaving arrogantly with her.

Imlie fights back and pushes one of the women, causing her to fall loudly on the ground, and she quickly orders her fellows to seize Imlie.

The woman then threatens Dhairya with a glass piece while Djairya is having fun seeing this.

However, Atharva, who is standing outside, has a sudden intuition that Imlie is in danger and rushes towards her. 

When he witnesses the girl attempting to hurt Imlie, he becomes terrified.

Dhairya watches as the cops separate the woman and Imlie.

Later, when Atharva sits on a bench, Dhairya approaches him with a big stone, recalling all the times when he was disregarded by society and Atharva was the one who got all the benefits.

Dhairya slams the big stone on the floor and sits on it, and when Atharva asks about him, he says it's an office matter and he needs to be present.

The next morning, Rudra phones the police station to inquire about Atharva, and the male officer hands Dhairya the phone to Rudra while Rudra addresses him as son.

When Atharva arrives, he takes the phone and informs everyone that he will return with Imlie shortly, while Keya begins brainwashing everyone about Imlie and Dhairya.

When Atharva and Imlie return to the mansion, everyone is relieved to see them, and Keya begins insulting her, telling her that the name of Rudra's office is deteriorating because of her ego.

Imlie then apologizes to Rudra and promises not to make the same mistake again, and she later asks Atharva if she is really capable of the designated task.

Atharva calmly explains and instructs her not to take Keya's remarks seriously.

He then manages to put a smile on her face as Imlie encourages Atharva to contact this club, attend the event, and demonstrate his talent, to which he accepts.

Later, at work, Imlie fires Beema with three months' notice, and Dhairya begs Imlie not to fire the poor man.

However, Atharva video calls Imlie and invites her to the event today to catch his live concert.

Meanwhile, Cheeni escapes from jail and praises Anu for her assistance, claiming that she will soon crush the entire Rana family.

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