Imlie 6th April 2024 Written Update

Imlie 6th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Imlie deciding to take Surya’s phone to get information about his and Anjali’s love life.

She secretly takes the phone when he is sleeping but she realizes that it will open by his face security after which she tries to open his eyes so that she can open the phone.

Unfortunately, Surya wakes when she does so after which she yells at him but he again sleeps while she goes from there.

Imlie opens his phone and reads his message with Chaupati that Imlie has learned the truth while Surya’s sleep breaks after which he realizes that his phone is missing so he goes to see it.

Meanwhile, Chaupati calls on Surya’s phone after which she picks up the call and talks in Surya’s voice while Surya comes to her room.

Chaupati realizes that it’s Imlie after which he asks her to return the phone to Surya but she lies to him after which Surya enters her room and asks her to return the phone.

Imlie lies to him that she does not have his phone after which he searches for it and calls from Imlie’s phone while Anjali comes outside to see Surya.

She notices that Surya isn’t there after which she goes upstairs while Surya fights with Imlie and asks her to give away his phone.

Anjali comes to Imlie’s room after which Imlie recognizes that someone is there outside the room after which she opens the door and notices Anjali standing outside.

Surya becomes nervous seeing Anjali there while Surya asks Anjali if she is fine or not after which she says that she wants to talk to Surya.

Imlie asks her to come inside while Anjali says that she wants some privacy while talking to him after which Imlie goes from there while Anjali tells Surya that she has understood that he has compromised with Imlie in this marriage.

Anjali tells him that she will support him in each decision and wants to help Imlie to study further whereas Hemlata tells Imlie that she has become a part of Surya’s life after marrying him.

Meanwhile, Surya asks Anjali to move on in her life instead of trying to help him after which Anjali tells him that Imlie is an open-minded girl who will never adjust to his family.

Surya gets angry and asks her to go from there after which Anjali tells him that by doing all these things truth will not get changed.

On the next day, Indira calls Pandit ji and shows Surya and Imlie’s kundali after which she tells Surya about it and asks Anjali to call Imlie.

Anjali goes to call Imlie while she gets emotional seeing Surya’s clothes and vermillion while Imlie comes there after which vermillion falls from Anjali’s hand.

She asks Imlie if she is happy after marrying Surya after which Imlie tells her that she is just going with the flow and accepting the things going on in her life.

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