Imlie 6th August 2023 Written Update

Imlie 6th August 2023 Written Update

Imlie 6th August 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 6th August 2023 episode starts with the Ranas getting scared as Mohan tries to stab Devika but is stopped when Atharva comes in between and holds his hand firmly.

He disarms Mohan and asks Devika if she is fine but she insists him to not fight since he's not fine at all.

Atharva reassures her telling her to have trust in him and goes onto beat the goons while Kairi asks him to beat them more.

In the meantime Imlie reaches the Rana Villa and doesn't find the Ranas there even after searching the entire house.

Back in the den Atharva beats the goons successfully while Mohan attacks him from the back leading the stick to break.

Atharva turns back angrily and punches Mohan straight in the face leading him to lose balance and fall.

Back at the Rana Villa a helpless Imlie keeps crying out to Sita Maiyaan.

While in the den Mohan threatens the Ranas with the gun and pointing it in Atharva's direction & fires.

In the Rana household Imlie with no other option left turns to Ram mandir insisting they help her out.

In the den Shivani suffers a shot in her hand while trying to save Atharva adding to the other Rana members worry.

Atharva goes onto fight with Mohan but reluctantly doesn't fight when Mohan threatens to blow up the Ranas.

At the Ranas, Imlie finds out a pay slip showing an order of numerous drinks and snacks later seeing the address too attached in it and moves out.

While at the den Atharva gets beaten up very badly and the goons hold the helpless Ranas at gun point.

Shivani requests for water and is declined by the goons but Kairi comes up bravely with her water bottle and let's Shivani take a sip.

The goons get angry at Kairi's actions and shout at her but Kairi shouts back too telling that they are bad people.

Kairi is ultimately led away by the goons adding to the Rana family's worry who request the goons to not do anything to her.

Meanwhile Imlie reaches the warehouse and upon searching for a clue gets Kairi's water bottle but impulsively hides when she sees the goons.

She secretively walks getting a gun too which was kept by the goon and makes her way stealthily up to the Ranas.

At the end she ultimately gets caught by Mohan and his gang who laugh at her stating they had done a bet if Imlie would be able to come to the warehouse or not.

Imlie is shook while Mohan calls her out on destroying all his plans and she has to help him in the blast.

A determined Imlie rejects his advances and is asked to rethink her decision suddenly unveiling the Ranas hanging with a rope bound their waist from the ceiling.

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