Imlie 6th February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 6th February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 6th February 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 6th February 2023 episode starts with Cheeni stopping Imlie and taunting her that her applying Mehendi might bring a bad omen for her.

However, Imlie laughs as she mocks Cheeni for having such an obnoxious mentality and tells her to not call herself differently afterward.

Keya tells Imlie that she is insulting the Indian traditions while Imlie replies sharply that the traditions are made to make the family happy.

Rupi blesses Imlie and tells her that she is just like her mother while Imlie goes and convinces Shivani to apply Mehendi on her hand.

Afterward, Imlie is applying Mehendi on her hand while Cheeni takes the Henna cone from her to get her attention as she goes to the artist and tells her to write the name of the person she loves on her hand.

She takes the name 'A' which worries both Atharva and Imlie thinking that she is going to write 'Atharva' in front of everyone.

However, Riya, another artist sits beside Imlie and writes Atharva's name on Imlie's hand which shocks her while Riya states that she knows Arto and that she is his wife.

Meanwhile, another artist writes Abhishek's name on Cheeni's hand who angrily states that she has written the wrong spelling.

Abhishek comes there just then and takes Cheeni's hand in his as he states that the spelling is right but Cheeni's Hindi is weak.

Later, Cheeni removes Abhishek's name from her hand while tears of anger slide down her cheeks.

She scares Imlie who is in the kitchen drinking water and asks her straightforwardly if she loves Atharva or not.

Atharva passes by and stops hearing their conversation while Cheeni accuses Imlie of trying to stay close to Atharva on the pretense of helping him move on.

Cheeni continues shouting at Imlie who shouts an answer 'no'.

Atharva gets surprised as he walks to his room and feels like his hope has been shattered.

He walks back and forth as he thinks that Imlie does not love him, but Cheeni does who is his first love.

Back in the kitchen, Imlie clarifies to Cheeni that she has no expectations from Atharva and leaves telling Cheeni to beware since she considers the Rana's her family now.

Atharva wonders why he does not feel happy that his first love is back and sits on his bed exhausted.

Meanwhile, in her room, Imlie sits by the window as she finally lets out her feelings and states that she does not expect anything from Atharva but loves him immensely.

She tells herself that the love is grown so much that it has become a burden for her and tells herself that she has to leave the Rana house after Cheeni and Abhishek's marriage.

She looks in the mirror at herself as she vows to save Atharva from Cheeni while staying away from him.

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