Imlie 6th May 2024 Written Update

Imlie 6th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Surya feeling hurt and telling Arjun that Imlie does not care for him so he will also not think about her.

Meanwhile, Imlie overhears their conversation and Indira assures Anjali that she will fix Surya’s wedding with her at any cost.

On the next day, Surya tells Appa and Hemlata that Imlie is not interested in making her future with him after which Appa and Hemlata deny and say that nothing is like that while Arjun says that Imlie does not express her feelings clearly.

Hemlata asks Surya to understand Imlie’s situation as she is facing so many things at a single time so she will require some time to accept her feelings for him.

Arjun motivates Surya to accept his feelings and express his love to Imlie after which Surya goes to meet Imlie while she sings in a bar.

The audience asks Imlie to sing on the table after which Amrit forces her to sing on the table for people otherwise she won’t get money for it and everyone stares at Imlie with bad intentions.

Just then, Surya comes there and fights with the manager for making Imlie do such things but she stops him from fighting with the manager after that Surya tells the manager that today Imlie will sing the song that he wants.

One of the men tells Surya that Imlie will not listen to him after which Surya terrifies them, mentioning that he is an inspector and that if anyone does not follow his instructions, he will be sent to jail.

Afterward, Surya asks Imlie to sing bhajan which brings a smile to Imlie’s face and she starts singing it with her open heart which turns Amrit’s face pale.

Meanwhile, Imlie feels motivated and she stares into Amrit’s eyes full of confidence whereas Arjun writes Imlie and Surya’s names in big hearts for decoration.

Appa asks him to remove it otherwise if Indira notices it then chaos will be created there she comes there and tells Appa that she has decided to fix Surya’s wedding with Anjali.

Nirmala asks Malti to remove the decoration whereas Imlie sings another bhajan and, Surya listens to it with attention which makes Imlie feel good and she thanks god for sending Surya into her life.

The audience asks Surya if he will ask Imlie to sing all the bhajan today only after which Surya tells him that in their religion more than thirty-five crore gods are there so they have to listen to it.

After that, Surya says that he will ask Imlie to sing one song of choice of other people but he notices that it’s time to close the bar after which he goes from there along with Imlie but it suddenly starts to rain.

Arjun calls Surya and advises him to express his feelings to Imlie after which Appa also motivates him to do so while Imlie goes and sits inside the room so Surya goes and sits along with her.

The end. Thanks for Reading.

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