Imlie 7th April 2024 Written Update

Imlie 7th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Indira telling Imlie that there is a ritual in their family of changing the bride’s name after marriage.

Imlie refuses to change her name while Surya’s uncle tells her that it is a ritual so she also has to follow this ritual.

Indira tells Imlie that all the ladies of their house have different names before marriage after which Imlie gives her lecture on changing this ritual.

Imlie says that their parents kept so good names so why do they need to change their name she refuses to change her name.

After that, Surya’s uncle asks him to tell Imlie to not argue and change the name after which Imlie asks him what was his name before his wedding.

Then, he tells her why would he change his name after which Nirmala asks Imlie to stop doing drama of being a feminist.

Just then, Anjali interrupts in between and asks Imlie to not argue with others and change the name as it is not a big problem.

Anjali says that if she was married then she would also have changed her name pointing out at Surya while he looks down.

Indira gets happy when Anjali says this thing and Indira says that she is happy to see that today are few girls in this generation who still believe in all the rituals.

Meanwhile, Imlie keeps on denying and mentions Indira as Lavanaya after which Indira stares at her while Imlie tells her that still she hasn’t forgotten her name so why she wants others to change the name?

Indira does not listen to her and asks Pandit ji to tell her the letter from which Imlie’s name should be kept after which Surya decides the same name for Imlie which provokes Indira’s anger.

She asks Surya why he is easily being manipulated by her every time and she recalls the things that happened in the past with her son just because his wife didn’t follow the ritual.

Indira says that now she has become stone so she will not listen to anyone and will change Imlie’s name at any cost because she does not want the same thing to be repeated which has happened in the past.

Imlie asks Indira what happened in the past due to which she is punishing her for changing her name after which Surya asks Imlie to not argue with Indira.

After that, Indira holds Imlie’s hand and takes her to a room after which she locks her while Anjali meets Surya and tells him that Imlie isn’t a perfect match for him.

Anjali tells him that she is ready to leave everything for him but he goes from there after which Imlie goes to meet Surya and asks what happened in the past.

Surya does not tell her anything and goes to see Indira while Anjali tells Imlie that a big incident took place in the Reddy family in the past where Indira’s son Raman had a love marriage.

She tells her that Raman committed suicide due to his wife Urvashi so Indira is afraid of the same thing while Malti meets Raghu after which he tries to manipulate her.

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