Imlie 7th February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 7th February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 7th February 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 7th February 2023 episode starts with Atharva finding the button to his Sherwani broken and thinking to fix it.

He picks up the sewing box while thinking that he has enough problems now that he has to fix the button on his outfit too.

He reminisces about the past when he was struggling with the tie and Imlie did it for him even though, she herself didn't know how to do it.

He smiles as he recalls Imlie telling him that she won't let him be astray.

Back in the present, Atharva notices Imlie walking past his room and requests her to stitch the button to his outfit.

However, Imlie tells him that she has some work with Sundar and leaves while thinking that it will be hard to say no to Atharva but she has to do it to protect him from Cheeni.

On the other hand, Cheeni is angry as she vents to Anu that she has not been able to do even a tiny part of the ritual with Atharva and will have to marry Abhishek if Atharva does not believe her.

Keya comes there just then and says that they should do something while Anu mocks her.

Keya gets angry as Anu doesn't trust her while Cheeni states that they have to do something to make her and Atharva do the pre-wedding ritual together or he will never believe that they are meant to be.

Later, Cheeni comes to Rupy and demands to have hand-pounded Haldi as it gives more glow while Rupy feels happy at Cheeni's ecstatic mood.

She looks at Cheeni and gets emotional as she says that she wants to pamper her but is scared that Cheeni might get her evil eyes.

Unable to see tears in Rupi's eyes, Cheeni tells her to not cry.

Rupi tells Cheeni that she will pound Haldi for her while Cheeni frantically says that Imlie can do it but Rupy says that she will do it herself and leaves.

Later, Cheeni bumps into Atharva and convinces him to confess in front of everyone while Keya overhears them.

Atharva thinks that Keya has misunderstood them and tries to convince her but Keya goes by her play and manipulates Atharva as she says that, she will support his and Cheeni's relationship.

Keya is about to go and tell the family about it but Atharva stops her and tells her that he will tell them when the time is right.

Atharva leaves while Cheeni and Keya smirk thinking that he will cave into the pressure and confess to the family.

Lather, the Rana's, and the Rathod's welcome the Agnihotri family while they ask about Rupy.

Keya states that she is outside pounding Haldi for Cheeni and Imlies goes out to help her.

However, Atharva stops her mid-way and questions her if she's upset with him.

He tells her that she did not stitch the button for him and scolds her for making him used to her.

Imlie tells Atharva to get used to doing these things without her and turns to leave but he says that he needs her.

Imlie closes her eyes in pain as she breathes out that she needs to help Rupi and leaves from there.

Cheeni looks at Imlie's retreating figure and goes to Atharva, telling him that she is sure they will do the ritual together.

Outside, Imlie goes to Rupi and tries to convince her to go or otherwise, she won't be able to see Cheeni looking very pretty.

Rupi gets emotional saying that her tears don't stop nowadays while Imlie thinks that she is being crushed like turmeric between her feelings and Atharva's lack of feelings for her.

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