Imlie 7th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 7th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 7th March 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 7th March 2023 episode starts with Atharva arriving to question Imlie about why she signed the divorce papers that Keya bought.

Imlie calms him down by telling him that she signed the papers with her magic pen, the ink of which disappears whenever something is written with it.

Atharva is puzzled as he goes on to inquire Imlie what she is planning to do.

Imlie demonstrates this by signing the divorce papers again with the magical pen, whose ink disappears in front of Atharva.

Atharva is relieved, and he tells Imlie that for a split second, he thought she is going to abandon him and allow him to marry Cheeni.

Listening to this, Imlie looks at Atharva, and Atharva looks into Imlie's eyes with compassion.

Imlie responds to Atharva by saying that everything is a fight for truth and that so many people are involved in her lie now that she has to expose Cheeni's lie to everyone.

She asks that what will she do if Atharva starts feeling guilty for taking false at the wedding. 

Atharva stops her and hugs her and claims that he will do something good as he will never be sorry for choosing Imlie.

Atharva then instructs Imlie to start preparing because they must present Cheeni's lie in front of everyone before the Mehendi ceremony.

Cheeni passes through Imlie as she walks down the corridor and asks why she isn't dressed.

Cheeni brags about her dress, claiming that it is beautiful because it is chosen by her 'Arto'.

She also tells Imlie that if she is upset, she should cry in a dark room and not ruin Cheeni and Atharva's Mehendi ceremony.

Following that, Imlie and Atharva are preparing a pile of mattresses to be used as evidence when Imlie shows the video of Cheeni's false suicide.

A man then calls Imlie and informs her that the video she wanted is obtained illegally, but because Imlie's intentions are good, so he will delete the video after sending it to her.

Imlie is overjoyed, and she requests Sita Maiya bless the man who sent her the video.

Meanwhile, Imlie informs Atharva that she has received the video and is on her way downstairs.

A group of people then invites Atharva to dance, and he declares that he will dance with an open heart today.

Seeing Atharva happy, Rudra realizes Imlie has evidence against Cheeni and gets happy as well.

Cheeni confronts Imlie as she prepares to go downstairs, telling her to stop acting.

Cheeni informs her that she knows Atharva hugged Imlie earlier as she smelled the cologne that Cheeni sprayed on Atharva.

She then grabs Imlie's phone and pushes her off the balcony, causing Imlie to scream loudly.

Meanwhile, Atharva appears and stops Imlie from falling and saving her life.

The Rana family comes outside after hearing Imlie's scream and asks if she is okay.

Imlie then notices her phone on fire alongside the pile of mattresses.

While Imlie is being cared for and the entire Rana family is gathered, Devika inquires as to how Imlie fell off the balcony

Cheeni interrupts and tells her that Imlie wanted to commit suicide because she couldn't bear the pressure of Atharva marrying Cheeni.

The cops arrive and issue an arrest warrant to take away Imlie for attempting suicide.

Cheeni is overjoyed when she sees all of this and wishes to send Imlie far away so that she can marry Atharva without any complications.

Imlie asks the cop to open her up while she is behind bars because she had no intentions to commit suicide.

The cop tells Imlie to stop talking and to only speak when the lawyer arrives.

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