Imlie 7th May 2024 Written Update

Imlie 7th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Surya asking Imlie if she is happy or not after which she starts smiling which makes Surya happy.

After that, he discusses tomorrow's playlist with Imlie and suggests she sing children's favorite songs which impresses Imlie and she asks him if he knows about Hindi songs.

Then, Surya tells her that he has seen a lot of Hindi movies and songs after which he decides to sing a song for Imlie he finds a karaoke music system also over there so he sings a romantic song for Imlie.

Imlie gets lost in his singing after which Surya dances with her Imlie looks into his eyes with love admires his singing and enjoys spending time with Surya.

Indirectly, through singing Surya tries to propose to Imlie and at last, both of them get lost in each other's eyes and suddenly it starts to rain after which Imlie recalls Agustya and thinks that she is doing wrong by going close to Surya.

Imlie dreams that Agustya is over there after which she asks for an apology from him and suddenly realizes that she was just dreaming about Agustya then she returns home and starts crying recalling Agustya.

Surya feels bad for Imlie while she murmurs how can she do such a wrong thing and says that she made a blunder whereas Arjun and CJ notice Surya coming back to the house after which Arjun calls him but Surya does not listen and goes to his room.

CJ asks Arjun to leave Surya alone for a while and on next day, Imlie does gardening and she notices that Surya is coming out after which she stops him and says that she wants to talk to him regarding yesterday night.

Surya avoids her and says that he is busy with his work so he goes from there but Pallavi and Bulbul's mother-in-law come there which surprises Imlie and she asks Pallavi why she came there.

Pallavi asks Surya if he can come with them to buy Saree from his wholesale shop while Bulubul's mother-in-law asks Imlie why is she doing gardening after which she tells her that she likes it.

Then, Pallavi holds Imlie's hand and takes her to the corner along with Surya after that she tells her that Bulbul's mother-in-law has gotten to know that she is having some problem with her in-laws which is why she came there to check it.

Pallavi requests Surya to come along with them so that Bulbul's mother-in-law cannot think wrong about them after which they go to buy sarees for Bulbul and Imlie tries the saree before purchasing it and Surya helps her with it.

Meanwhile, Anjali comes to the Reddy family with various gifts and says that her mother has talked to Pandit Ji about fixing the marriage date after that CJ and Arjun ask them to wait for Surya's decision.

On the other hand, Imlie tells Surya that she knows about his feelings but she is not able to understand how should she discuss it with him after that she tells him that whatever happened last night should not have happened which makes Surya feel bad.

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