Imlie 8th April 2024 Written Update

Imlie 8th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Hemlata telling Imlie that she has awakened a mother’s pain again after discussing past things.

Then, Imlie goes and throws the lunch plate from Surya’s hand after which he asks her what is she doing then Imlie does act and says that Surya’s hand is bleeding.

She says loudly that she will bring first aid after which Indira comes out to see Surya and she learns that Imlie was lying to her.

Then, she scolds Imlie for it while Imlie says that she did all these things to come out and have lunch as Hemlata told her that she is very upset.

After that, Indira sits along with Surya and eats biryani from the same plate from which Surya eats after which she tells Imlie that she can never become an ideal daughter-in-law in her eyes.

On the other hand, Malti and Nirmala meet Raghu after which he tells them that he knows the reason why Surya has married Imlie after which Malti tries to convince him to tell her the reason.

Surya notices that Imlie is sitting alone outside and crying after which he brings biryani for her and asks her to eat it but Imlie asks him to tell the truth to her and Indira why he married her.

Meanwhile, Surya does not say anything after which Imlie is about to go from there Surya holds her hand and promises her that when she clears her exams and becomes independent then he will tell her the truth.

After that, Imlie comes back and has the biryani along with Surya whereas Anjali notices it and feels bad after which she goes from there.

Just then, Malti calls Anjali and tells her that Raghu will tell her the reason only when they will do his bail after which Anjali assures Malti that she will help her in Raghu’s bail.

Meanwhile, Imlie prepares a cake while Surya notices it after which he asks her if today is Augustya’s birthday.

She tells him that tomorrow is Augustya’s birthday after which she realizes that Surya is Augustya’s twin so his birthday is also there tomorrow.

Surya smiles, after which Imlie tells Indira about it, whereas Malti hugs Raghu after meeting her and asks why Surya married Imlie.

Indira gets happy and she asks Hemlata to decorate of whole house on the occasion of Surya’s birthday and she decides to prepare Surya’s favorite dosa.

Hemlata asks Indira to have some rest after which Imlie says that she will prepare dosa and she goes to prepare it.

Imlie makes the dosa but it gets burnt after which Surya comes there and asks Imlie if she will feed such kind of dosa to Indira.

Then, she asks him to teach her how to make it but he pulls her leg after which she requests him to not tell Indira about it.

Surya teaches her how to make the proper batter and makes one dosa for demo after which he tastes the sambar and says that imli is missing from it after which she stares at him.

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