Imlie 8th August 2023 Written Update

Imlie 8th August 2023 Written Update

Imlie 8th August 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 8th August 2023 episode starts with Rudra telling Devika to keep the spirit on as nothing has happened yet.

Imlie then strides forward unwillingly while all the Ranas insist she stops.

Back at the school, Imlie stands in a line and goes progresses in the line slowly asking forgiveness from Sita Maiyaan.

On the other hand, Mohan threatens Imlie to increase her speed lest he'll kill everyone present in the line with her.

Back at school Imlie sees the security guard and manifests to get caught with the bomb but soon realises that the security guard too is one of Mohan's mates.

Imlie soon reaches the auditorium where the principal sees her while calling all the children to thank her.

The principal adds that since Imlie was the one who made all the parents aware of the bomb the children should extend their gratitude too.

The children go to hug her but Imlie pushes them away making the Principal shocked while from the other end, Mohan confirms that the bomb won't go off until he triggered it.

He asks about the trustee's entrance screaming when will the trustee come in and get welcomed by the principal.

Imlie gets applauded by the trustee and is asked by the Principal to be seated with Imlie agreeing to it.

From the other end, Mohan asks her to wait for his next order when Imlie wondered what she can do to save the people.

While she thinks Mohan again orders her to move forward but this time Imlie takes one of her earphones and disconnects the camera.

From the den, Mohan is irritated and asks the other goons to enquire about Imlie's whereabouts losing control all the while.

At the school, Imlie on the pretext of taking a selfie goes up to the trustee and tells him that Ranas has been kidnapped along with which Mohan has also attached a bomb to her.

The trustee in a call excuses himself while Imlie gets helpless to see her efforts going in vain.

The guard comes in and threatens her to put her earphones on lest Atharva will be beaten to death as he shows a video to her.

A scared Imlie apologizes to Mohan and on his orders walks to be seated near the trustee for the future blast.

Imlie gets sad looking at Atharva's state and gradually sits at a distance from the trustee praying to Sita Maiyaan.

From the den, Devika unties herself with a pin given by Imlie and passes it forward to Divya who asks the goons to give her water.

As the goons go, Devika quickly goes cutting the electricity out with all the Ranas untying themselves.

Electricity is restored and the other goons assure Mohan that the Ranas are here in the den imprisoned.

Back at school, the trustee is called forward by the authorities later calling in Imlie too requesting the trustee to give her a token of appreciation.

From the other side, Mohan shouts at Imlie so that she goes forward while Atharva strides forward with an iron rod.

At school, Imlie goes forward while at the den Rana's team up and wound the goons up shocking Mohan who tells the guard to not let Imlie escape.

Imlie is relieved and eventually runs away from there.

In the den, Mohan is badly wounded by Atharva but to his shock, Mohan has already triggered the bomb for explosion.

Atharva asks him the whereabouts of the remote while Mohan gets a momentary success by making Atharva lose his balance.

After a long fight, Atharva gets to know that the goon with the remote has escaped and the Rana family matches up their pace fast.

On the other hand, Imlie runs away from the school and drives away in her car while Atharva calls out for Imlie.

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