Imlie 8th February 2024 Written Update

Imlie 8th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie 8th February 2024 episode starts with a man at the bar saying that soon Agastya will marry someone from a respectable household which makes Imlie hit him with a mop saying that she will send him to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Agastya tells Anapoorna in frustration that he is not lying to her about not bringing Imlie back into the house which makes Anapoorna say that this anger of Agastya is temporary and that is why she wants a guarantee that Imlie has no way of coming back and this can only happen if Agastya gets married.

Anapoorna falls down in weakness, making Agastya hold her while she continues asking him to say yes.

Elsewhere, Imlie is feeding Ashu and tells him that soon she will send him back to the hostel which makes Ashu reply that the hostel's fee is a lot and that is why he will also find some work.

However, Imlie stops him and says she will not let him lose his childhood.

Imlie then gets a court order saying that she needs to take Ashu to Agastya's family for visits twice a week.

Meanwhile, Navya tells Bhola (the killer) to complete his task before the police catch him.

She asks him to kill Agastya and Imlie.

Later, Imlie goes to Agastya's house and says that she will not bring Ashu there as the house is infused with a lot of hate for his mother.

However, Imlie is assured that the hate for Kairi will never be evident in front of Ashu which makes Imlie take Ashu to them.

Imlie sees Ashu playing with his family surrounded by a lot of toys.

Meanwhile, Agastya enters the house along with Binni and says that he wants to marry her which shocks Imlie to her core.

Elsewhere, Vishwa gets Bhola's sketch however the police arrest Vishwa as the Chaudharies have filed a complaint against him.

Back at home, Binni tells everyone that she knows the history of the house and she also knows that they will respect her.

Anapoorna says that now she just wants Binni to come to their home as a bride and fix everything.

Agastya spots Imlie who is crushed and runs after her however she pushes him away.

He says that he needs to explain but Imlie says that it is a yes or no question if he wants to marry the girl.

Agastya says that yes he will marry her but there is a reason however Imlie replies that now she does not want a reason and then screams at him to leave her hand.

She says that she will definitely come to the wedding so that she can see his betrayal.

Imlie leaves on her cycle while crying and on the other hand, Navya says that today Imlie and Agastya will be in the same house and that is when he will kill them but before that, she will tell Chaudhary the truth.

Later, Imlie is getting ready for Agastya's wedding and tells Bulbul that today she will test Agastya's love and see if he really gets married, and if he does then she will open her eyes wide open and see it.

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