Imlie 8th January 2024 Written Update

Imlie 8th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie 8th January 2024 episode starts with Imlie getting a call from Kajeri, telling her to stop searching for the man as she won't find him.

Kajeri informs Imlie that the man is right in front of her, surprising Imlie, who quickly heads over there.

However, Vishwa holds her back by her waist and caresses his fingers on her bare skin.

Imlie asks him how dare he hold her to which he says that she should remain still as his team is on their way to find the dead body.

He then apologises for touching Imlie inappropriately however, he blames Agastya for stealing the property papers.

He then puts his hand over Imlie as it can be seen in the CCTV that Agastya is viewing.

Vishwa once again holds Imlie's hand, puts on a spy ring and says that he does not like torturing Imlie however, he needs to be this way for the sake of his revenge.

Meanwhile, Annapurna gives Sonali a diary, hoping it holds the truth about Kunal, which could prove his innocence to Navya.

Back in Agastya's room, he is broken seeing Imlie with Vishwa after which he asks his house help to take over the CCTV watch as he needs to do some preparations for Imlie's function.

Later, Imlie joins her friends who show her the man from the picture.

She moves closer, thinking that capturing a photo of him could ruin Vishwa's entire plan.

As soon as Imlie is about to take the picture, Agastya comes there from his car, startling her which makes the man see her and freak out.

The man runs away while Agastya asks Imlie's friends to be a part of Imlie's big day as he has planned a big surprise for her.

Meanwhile, Annapurna asks her family to get ready and go to Imlie's function for Agastya's sake.

Elsewhere, Agastya and Imlie reach the house along with Imlie's friends after which Navya says angrily that they need to quickly wind up all the festivities.

Agastya sarcastically says that the function should be grand not a quick one so he brings a lot of gifts and Shagun says that Vishwa might need this soon as he is going to destroy him.

He adds that Vishwa took three things from him, house, business, and Imlie however, he will take only two of the things back because as soon as Vishwa loses his money then Imlie will come crawling back to him.

He then gets onto the stage and then makes fun of the fact that Imlie is a bar singer, asking Imlie to sing a song as he is ready to pay for it.

Imlie says that she will not back out as she has no shame in singing in the bar, she goes to the stage and gives a soul-touching performance.

Agastya is about to leave when Imlie stops him saying that she will put an end to the drama he started, she starts dancing around him after which they break into a fight.

Meanwhile, the house help sees that someone has hampered with the CCTV, and he rushes to tell Agastya that the killer is back.

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