Imlie 8th July 2023 Written Update

Imlie 8th July 2023 Written Update

Imlie 8th July 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 8th July 2023 episode starts with Atharva informing everyone about Imlie's suspicions of her own family and her quest to find the evidence.

Imlie recalls that someone called Kairi and requested her to pick the package up at the front door, informing her that it included a puzzle book.

Imlie asks Atharva whether he was the one who sent Kairi to the entry which enrages him, and he challenges her on how she can continue to heap baseless blame on him.

While Atharva and Imlie argue about Dhairya's murderer, Akshay urges Imlie to look into their eyes and see whether she thinks anyone is the murderer.

However, seeing this, Anu and Cheeni feel safe because Imlie only seems to suspect Atharva.

Rudra, observing their dispute, quickly stops them and warns them not to hear another complaint from one of them.

Later, Atharva and Imlie meet in disguise, and Atharva smiles and extends his hand to Imlie, congratulating her on the accomplishment of their plan.

Imlie shakes hands with Atharva and recounts the time she faced Atharva outside the Rana mansion while plotting the fake proof.

She recalls how Atharva and she devised this strategy to work together to discover Dhairya's killer.

As Imlie and Atharva plan their next move, Keya comes by the corridor forcing Atharva to corner Imlie behind the pillar.

Keya glances about because she hears someone talking but when she doesn't locate anyone, she goes while Atharva and Imlie grow closer behind the pillar as their chains become entangled.

Meanwhile, Kairi, who witnesses this takes pictures and states that Atharva and Imlie became such fast friends.

However, Atharva urges her to hand over the phone when Kairi screams no and runs away.

Imlie becomes concerned about anyone discovering the picture and learning about their secret plan but Atharva relates to her that he is on her side.

Meanwhile, Cheeni wanders the room worried while Anu reads the magazine and tells Cheeni to relax because Imlie still suspects Atharva.

Cheeni lashes out at Anu for not taking her seriously, prompting Anu to shove her out the door and ask her to reveal the truth.

However, as the housekeeper takes Dhairya's photo frame downstairs, Anu notices Cheeni shivering and terrified, prompting her to get back to the room and implore her to stop her obvious fright.

The next morning, Imlie confronts everyone over breakfast and apologizes to Rudra for lying about the evidence.

She hands him a sweet and assures him that she kept a puja for Dhairya's soul to get peace.

Until Imlie hands Cheeni the sweet, she becomes apprehensive and is about to lose it until Imlie catches it and asks whether she is okay.

Cheeni goes away nervously, and seeing Dhairya's photo being framed in the corridor she insists that the housekeeper take it down immediately.

Imlie asks Cheeni what's wrong with Dhairya's photo when Cheeni lies, saying she's worried about Rudra not being able to move on.

Imlie insists on keeping the photo frame as is, which causes Cheeni to storm out, leading Imlie to doubt Cheeni.

However, when Atharva arrives, she informs him about this prompting Atharva to argue with Imlie that Cheeni has changed.

As they argue again, Imlie reminds Atharva that they must put their differences aside if they are going to work together to find the culprit.

When Imlie notices Shivani and Devika approaching, she begins arguing with Atharva.

At first, Atharva does not understand, but after seeing Devika and Shivani, he too acts and accuses Imlie of stealing his phone.

Devika abruptly ends their dispute and tells Imlie to stay away from Atharva's family while ordering Atharva to properly care for his stuff.

Devika mutters as they both leave that she hopes the offender gets caught quickly.

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