Imlie 8th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 8th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 8th March 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 8th March 2023 episode starts with Imlie realising how difficult it is for her to bring Cheeni's truth to everyone's attention.

As she sits behind bars, contemplating her next move, her gaze is drawn to the television, where Cheeni invites reporters to their wedding to demonstrate what true love truly entails.

Imlie, seeing all of this, murmurs that Cheeni is becoming a shameless woman.

Meanwhile, Keya notices Atharva, Rudra, and Sundar getting into the car to drive Imlie out of jail.

Keya warns Cheeni to be cautious, but Cheeni responds that she is an intelligent woman with a backup plan for every situation.

She goes on to say that her and Atharva's wedding will go viral in the news tomorrow with #Arni.

When they arrive at the station with the officer, they ask the officer to release Imlie, but the officer says he can't because Imlie attempted suicide, which is against the law, and Imlie must undergo a psychological examination before being released.

Atharva then asks them to leave because he needs to speak with Imlie.

When Atharva sees Imlie in jail, he becomes emotional and tears begin to fall from his eyes.

Atharva approaches Imlie and asks her how she is doing while holding the bar.

Imlie extends her hand and assures him that she is fine and that he should not be upset about her.

Atharva then asks Imlie what happened earlier on the balcony and how she fell off, to which Imlie responds that she did not fall off on her own but was pushed off the balcony by Cheeni.

Hearing the truth, Atharva becomes enraged and wants to ruin Cheeni, but Imlie calms him down by explaining that they are so close to revealing the truth about Cheeni in front of everyone that they cannot afford to make any mistakes.

Atharva tells Imlie that he doesn't care about the plan right now and wonders what he would do if something happened to her.

Imlie tells him that her Sita maiya is there for her, and she will undoubtedly help her uncover Cheeni's truth.

Sundar then approaches Imlie and informs her that her psychological evaluation will begin soon and she should remain strong no matter what, to which Imlie smiles and nods her head in agreement.

Atharva then claims that even though Imlie is locked up, he is worried about what will happen and whether she will arrive on time for the wedding, to which Imlie responds that everything will go as planned and he need not worry.

As Imlie's psychological evaluation begins, the lady inquires as to whether she is happy with her in-laws and why she attempted suicide.

Imlie then denies her suicide attempt and expresses her gratitude to her in-laws.

The psychologist then asks Imlie if she is happy with Atharva and if she can live her life without him, to which Imlie responds that she is in love with Atharva and cannot imagine life without him.

Meanwhile, Atharva is in his room, worried about what will happen.

As Rudra enters, he notices Atharva's concern and tells him to stop acting as soon as he suspects the plan will fail.

Atharva then notices Santosh with Goddess Sita's mini sculpture in his hand and realizes that since Imlie isn't here, she sent her Sita Maiya for assistance.

Atharva then goes to Cheeni's room and tells her that he can't marry her because a relationship is built on trust, and he tells her how she first tried to marry Abhishek.

Cheeni tells Atharva that she will always choose him and fight for him no matter what.

Later, Atharva and Chini get seated for rituals while the media is also covering the whole event. 

Atharva is still keeping up with the act but is praying internally for Imlie to come.

Anu starts the ritual by tying ‘gatbandhan’ just when they hear Imlie’s voice, she announces to stop everything.

Everybody is astounded  but Rudra and Atharva are happy that finally, Imlie has arrived.

The media shifts their focus on Imlie and she discloses that the wedding cannot proceed as Atharva is still married.

Chini gets mad listening to this and reminds, saying that  Imlie has already signed the divorce papers.

Imlie asks to show her the papers while Cheeni doesn't find Imlie's signature on the divorce papers.

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