Imlie 8th May 2024 Written Update

Imlie 8th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Imlie telling Surya that she can understand what is going on in his mind after that Surya gets a hope that Imlie has understood his feelings.

Afterwards, Imlie instead of saying what Surya wants to hear says that it was a mistake whatever happened between them last night and she asks Surya to forget whatever happened.

Surya feels bad when Imlie says all these things but he does not say anything after that Imlie tells Surya she is just a responsibility for him and nothing else which breaks Surya's heart.

He does not confess his feelings to Imlie and agrees to Imlie that they should forget the things that happened last night after that Imlie goes from there.

Later, Surya goes home and notices the goodies bought by Anjali and her mother while Arjun asks him to not pay attention to it while Malti tells him that Anjali's mother bought all these things for him.

Surya confesses in front of everyone that he has started loving Imlie which breaks Anjali's heart while Surya says that his feelings for Imlie will never vanish and it does not matter whether Imlie stays closer to him or not.

Indira asks Surya to keep quiet instead of saying all these things but Surya keeps on repeating this thing and says that he will never stop loving Imlie as she has become his reason for living.

After that, Surya goes away from there while Anjali goes to Imlie's room after which she is surprised to see Anjali over there and asks her what happened then Anjali instead of telling Imlie that Surya loves him, scolds her and says that she will take revenge on her for it.

Imlie gets confused while Indira asks Surya when it happened after which Surya tells her that even he didn't know when it happened while Indira asks Surya if he will also start hating her like the way Imlie hates them.

Surya tells her that Imlie is an innocent lady and he asks her to see Imlie's good side after which Indira gets angry and asks him to keep quiet and stop praising the lady who is not good for him.

Indira says that due to Imlie, Surya has suffered a lot but he says that he wanted to live along with Imlie but she will leave him in two days and go away from there.

Surya says that he feels happy with him while Malti calls Anjali and asks her where she after which Anjali is tells Malti that now she will do things according to her will.

On the next day, Bulbul gets ready for her wedding but she misses Imlie after which she calls her and asks where she is then Imlie tells her that she is coming in a few minutes.

Imlie is about to leave for Bulbul's wedding but Indira asks Imlie to sign on divorce papers as early as possible whereas Arjun tries to explain to Surya to fight for his love.

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