Imlie 8th September 2023 Written Update

Imlie 8th September 2023 Written Update

Imlie 8th September 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 8th September 2023 episode starts with Imlie talking to Atharva on call and informing him about their kids being at the Bharti Sangathan NGO. 

She states that Anu must have put the kids there to take revenge on them. 

Atharva tells her that they will be there shortly and disconnects the call. 

Meanwhile, Imlie and the couple enter the NGO where the warden asks Imlie what she is looking for. 

Imlie tells her about her two daughters while the warden tells her to wait as she goes and checks. 

The manager is talking to Ajay and Pooja telling them about the baby's parents who died in the earthquake. 

The lady takes the manager away and informs him that Kairi was right about their parents being alive and shows him Imlie who is sitting in the waiting room. 

The manager worries stating that he has already promised the baby to the Manchandas and tells her to get rid of the mother as they have to look after their own NGO. 

Further, the warden lies to Imlie that her kids are not there and tells her to check elsewhere while Imlie gets worried. 

As Imlie walks away, the warden hands over Choti to the Mandchandas. 

Meanwhile, Kairi watches Choti being given away through a glass door and continues banging on it.

Kairi sees Imlie and shouts for her while the warden comes there just then and covers Kairi's mouth. 

The warden with Kairi while Imlie runs towards the glass door and looks inside the room for her daughter. 

Imlie calls out to Kairi waiting for a response but the warden continues to cover her mouth when Imlie hears Choti's cries. 

Pooja plays with Choti joyfully while Imlie continues looking around for her daughter. 

The couple leaves with the baby while Imlie comes in front of the manager who is shocked to see her still there. 

As Ajay and Pooja leave the NGO, the bracelet from Choti's wrist falls to the ground. 

Choti manages to bite the warden's hand and escapes from her as she continues to shout for Ajay and Pooja not to take Choti but fails as they don't hear her. 

Meanwhile, Imlie stumbles upon Choti's bracelet and wonders how to find her as she again starts looking for her daughter.

Imlie sees Ajay and Pooja walking into their car as she recalls how they had told her that they were going to their daughter today.

She runs after the car shouting for Choti when Kairi comes there and hugs Imlie tightly telling her about Choti. 

Imlie and Kairi walk to the reception and argue to get the Manchandana's address while the Manager comes there and tries to explain to her that the baby is legally Manchandana's. 

The Rana family arrives there just then and Atharva threatens to put them in jail leading to the Manager giving them the address. 

As the family is leaving, the manager tells them that the Manchanadas are going to stay in their farmhouse whose address they do not have. 

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