Imlie 9th April 2024 Written Update

Imlie 9th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Surya going from the kitchen after teaching her how to cook dosa.

Meanwhile, Anjali returns home along with Nirmala and Malti after learning the truth from Raghu about why Surya married Imlie.

After entering the home Nirmala asks Hemlata why she made all the decorations after which she tells her that today is Surya’s real birthday.

Malti becomes happy and wishes her birthday to Surya while Nirmala asks Anjali to tell the truth to everyone but she refuses and says that she just wants Surya to realize that he didn’t make any mistake.

Anjali meets Surya and is about to discuss it but Hemlata calls Surya after which Surya goes to see her.

Indira throws away the cake that Imlie prepared the cake for Augustya which breaks Imlie’s heart while Surya notices it.

After that, he comes out for a cake-cutting ceremony and he writes Augustya’s name over the cake after which Indira asks him if Imlie complained to him regarding it.

Imlie says that she didn’t make any complaints and he says that Augustya was his twin brother so he wants to celebrate his birthday too.

Then, Indira accepts and celebrates Surya’s birthday while Hemlata asks Surya to feed Imlie cake with his hands after which he does so while Anjali feels bad.

Nirmala again tries to manipulate Anjali and says that Surya will always fulfill his responsibility and never live his life.

She asks Anjali to tell the truth to Imlie while she goes to bring dosa for everyone after which Anjali is also about to go behind Imlie.

Surya stops her and asks her what was she saying at that time after which Anjali lies to him and says that there is nothing and she lies to him that she is going to help Imlie.

After that, Surya notices bail papers of Raghu in Anjali’s hand after which he scolds her for doing Raghu’s bail.

Anjali tells him that she wanted to know the truth that’s why she did so and got to know the truth after which she asks him why he broke the promises that he made to her.

Surya asks her to forget the promises that he made to her because Imlie needs him the most at this time and says that Anjali is an intelligent lady so she can get anyone.

Anjali breaks into pieces while Surya asks Anjali to never disclose the truth in front of Imlie that Augustya dies because of him whereas Imlie overhears their conversation and the dosa plate falls from her hands.

Surya listens to that voice and goes to see it after which Imlie asks Surya about the truth then Surya tells her that Augustya died because of him which breaks Imlie’s heart and she is not able to process it.

Imlie comes out of the house while Surya also comes behind her to take her inside the house but she does not go and cries over her fate for not saving Augusta.

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