Imlie 9th January 2024 Written Update

Imlie 9th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie 9th January 2024 episode starts with Agastya in tears, telling Imlie that he wants her to marry Vishwa right away and leave his house.

The House staff cries out that the killer is back while Agastya reassures Imlie.

Vishwa pulls Imlie towards him, but she reveals the hidden killer behind the door.

The killer leaves a box for Imlie in which a mobile phone is kept, Agastya pulls out the mobile phone which belongs to Chutki.

The image shows Avinash and Chutki tied together, accompanied by a message threatening Imlie to return to the initial location by 3 pm or risk harm to both of them.

Navya starts crying while Annapurna tries to calm her down, Badi Maa ji blames Imlie which makes Imlie say that she will bring back both of them.

Agastya says that the killer has not invited her on lunch to which Imlie says that she will not risk Avinash and Chutki's life and will save them.

Later, Imlie, Agastya, and Vishwa head to the location however, Vishwa refuses to bring Agastya along with them to which Imlie agrees.

On their way, Vishwa and Imlie think of the place where the killer has called her, Imlie says that it must be her old house.

A while after, they both reach the location, and Imlie starts looking around while Vishwa hides.

Imlie gets flashes from her past while the killer hides on the rooftop.

Back at home, Navya blames Anupurna and her family for endangering both of her sons' life just like they killed her husband.

After Navya leaves, Sonali says that Meera was also present that night when Tej killed himself.

Radha is eavesdropping and says to herself that she needs to bring out the truth of that night in front of everyone.

Meanwhile, Imlie answers Agastya's call, telling him to say whatever he needs to, as she fears she might not survive to see the next day.

Agastya then comes in front of her and says that he will never leave her in the hands of danger.

Imlie refuses to listen to him and walks away while Vishwa stops Agastya from following her.

The killer comes from behind and makes Imlie unconscious as Vishwa and Agastya fight.

They both then notice that Imlie is missing and then go in looking for her, Annapurna calls Agastya and tells him that Avinash and Chutki are in their home and this all was a trap.

Agastya and Vishwa are shocked at the revelation and then continue their search for Imlie.

Elsewhere, the killer is about to stab Imlie when Radha comes and hits him with a rod.

Agastya and Vishwa see the killer while Radha goes to Imlie and tries to wake her up, Imlie opens her eyes and takes her name.

Radha breaks into tears but then leaves as Agastya and Vishwa enter, Agastya picks Imlie up takes her outside and takes her back home.

Later, Imlie holds Agastya's hand as she is dreaming about the killer, she gets scared in her nightmare while Agastya tells Vishwa that he will go as soon as Imlie gets back conscious.

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