Imlie 9th June 2023 Written Update

Imlie 9th June 2023 Written Update

Imlie 9th June 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 9th June 2023 episode starts with Atharva holding Cheeni's hand in his and promises to start a new life together soon.

However, seeing Atharva with Cheeni makes Imlie uncomfortable and she rushes out of the room while Dhairya follows her, carrying the bags.

As Imlie exits the room, Atharva drops Cheeni's hand and begins staring at Imlie, making Cheeni feel unwelcome.

However, Imlie enters Kerry's room and discovers Kerry babbling about her mother in sleep.

This makes Imlie emotional and she plants a gentle kiss on her forehead before walking away but Kerry grabs her hand.

Imlie finds Kerry clutching her hand and murmurs that if Kerry stops her, it will be 10 times more difficult for her to leave and she begins softly moving her fingers but can't.

Atharva intervenes, moving Kairi's hand and ordering Imlie to remain away from him and Kerry.

Atharva stands near the door and orders Imlie to leave before Kerry wakes up and when Imlie goes out, Atharva shuts the door loudly in her face.

As time passes, Imlie arrives downstairs with her bags where everyone is present to see off her.

Imlie tenderly takes Shivani's blessings and asks her to stay healthy and happy.

Shivani and Ginni urge Imlie to stay but Imlie mutters with a smile that they too now have to move on and start a new chapter with Atharva and Cheeni.

Imlie then accepts Devika's blessings who is sitting on the sofa with a blank expression.

Finally, she thanks Cheeni for bringing Atharva back home and giving the Rana family new hope for happiness.

Rudra interrupts Imlie as she is about to depart and states that Imlie will not leave Rana's residence.

Devika notices this and asks Rudra what he is doing as Imlie is leaving accordingly.

Rudra takes out the property documents that state that Imlie has a stake in what Rudra owns which surprises everyone.

Keya and Akash are particularly concerned and approach Rudra to find out what he is talking about while Devika questions Rudra about his opposition to Atharva.

Rudra furious asserts that everyone has an equal portion of the property as Imlie and so Imlie cannot leave this house but Devika continues opposing this decision.

Imlie takes Rudra's hand in hers and tells him that she knows he wants to care for her but it's time to let certain things go.

Imlie continues that he kindly thinks of her respect once and not stop her from leaving.

Rudra stops her again and says that if Imlie decides to leave the house, he is going to accompany her.

This astounds Devika, and Imlie begs Rudra not to make things more difficult for her while Rudra questions how Imlie can abandon his father in this manner.

Rudra's condition worsens and he begins to sweat but he sticks up for Imlie while Atharva mocks Rudra for always getting his way.

Shivani attempts to comfort Rudra but Rudra insists that there is no reason to stay in this house because everyone hates each other.

Rudra has decided to join Imlie to which Shivani states that she will also join them.

Ginni and Dhairya also decide to leave the house, prompting Imlie to yell in disappointment and demand that everyone stops acting that way.

She persuades Rudra to stay and to which he asks Imlie to promise as well that she will stay and she agrees.

However, Atharva grasps Devika and tells her to calm down, adding that because this mansion is so large, he can accept some useless people as long as they don't interfere with his life.

Imlie approaches Atharva and expresses unequivocally that she has no desire to interfere in his life and Atharva raged grabs Cheeni's hand and walks away.

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