Imlie 9th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 9th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 9th March 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 9th March 2023 episode starts with Imlie asking Chini to stop the wedding as she is marrying an already married man.

Chini laughs saying Imlie has forgotten about signing the divorce papers and asks Arto to show them.

Ground slips under Chini's feet when she sees the paper has no signature.

Chini starts clapping that this seems like Imlie's new move but Arto has already confessed to her about his involvement with Imlie and this revelation surprises the Rana family.

Imlie claims that Chini doesn’t love Atharva and Chini backlashes at her saying Imlie is nobody to say this.

Listening to this, Imlie confesses that she loves Atharva and this confession moves everyone, specially Atharva and Rudra.

Chini claims she loves Arto the most but Imlie says that is impossible as Imlie can do anything for him.

This confession triggers Chini and she argues that Imlie has hurt him so much and then, both of them start pointing out each other mistakes.

To provoke Chini, Imlie holds Atharva’s hand again & declares how she can do anything for her love, and proving her dimwittedness Cheeni confesses everything.

Anu tries to interrupt but Chini is in no mood to listen and accepts everything including the fake suicidal attempt and trying to kill Imlie twice by untying the chandelier and pushing her off the balcony.

Meanwhile, Anu gets rid of the media and Chini after spitting out the truth, realizes her mistake but till this time the whole family is disgusted to know her reality.

Rupali confirms if Chini can stoop so low to hurt her sister and Imlie answers that Cheeni was the one pushing her off the balcony and breaking her phone which had evidence.

Atharva shows Imlie the phone that he got repaired, showing the evidence to the whole family where Chini is admitting her faults.

Cheeni complains that her family has always loved Imlie more and Anu confirms this, saying their love is partial to Cheeni.

Sundar points out that it was Anu's upbringing that spoiled Chini and Rupali blames her for turning Chini just like Malini full of hatred for everyone.

Imlie says how everybody loved Cheeni but she only cared about herself.

Chini mentions the past and calls Imlie like her mother listening to which Imlie loses her cool and she announces that she is cutting all her ties with Cheeni from today onwards.

A mad Chini throws a burning log toward Imlie and her skirt starts burning, Atharva comes to her rescue and stops the fire using his hand.

Imlie is distressed to see his burnt hand and everybody asks if they are okay.

Atharva, Sundar, Rupali, Rudra come in Imlie’s support and tells Chini that she has to first go through them before harming her and asking her to leave.

Rupali says Chini will never leave so easily so she goes to hold her hand and throw her out of the house.

Imlie gets sad to lose her sister and seeing her crying, Atharva and Devika console her.

Imlie informs him that she was there just to expose Chini and now she needs to leave.

Atharva is shaken to hear this as he thought Imlie was never going to leave.

He is left brokenhearted but Keya and Akash are happy that finally, they will rule the house.

Meanwhile, Rupali and Sundar blame themselves for how Chini turned out but Imlie stops them by saying that together, they will start a new life.

In Atharva’s room, Devika asks him why is he not confessing his love just as Imlie did.

On the other hand, Rupali asks Imlie to realize and give Atharva a chance as he has changed.

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