Imlie 9th March 2024 Written Update

Imlie 9th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Imli and Surya spending time together after drinking bhang.

Meanwhile, Dadi tells Pandit ji that she will never let Imli come into Surya's life after which Pandit Ji says that god has made their pair in heaven.

Dadi asks Sonali to find Imli after which she goes to search Imli but she gets unconscious and Amar looks after her.

Imli and Surya looses their control after drinking so much of bhaang and they hide the photo inside Imli's room.

On the other hand, the whole family searches for both of them but cannot find them anywhere whereas Surya hits his head with the door after which he falls.

He asks Imli to bring his medicines which makes Imli anxious and she offers water to him and asks him to become strong saying that he has done police training so he should be rough and tough.

Imli asks him to become polite in life instead of eating medicines to reduce his suffering and she asks him to recall the days when he behaved well with people and achieved good things in his life.

She tries to make him smile but he is not able to say anything after some time he says that he is fine and asks her to make him stand as he feels fine.

He tells her that he has a medical condition as in childhood he got his head hit with a stone when the fire took place in his house and his father lost his life while saving him.

Meanwhile, Dadi searches for Surya and Imli in the whole house while Binni manipulates Dadi against Imli which provokes Dadi's anger and she goes to search for them along with Binni.

Imli asks Surya why he never discussed his pain with anyone after which he tells her that losing his family is the biggest pain that has occurred in his life.

He tells Imli that the police are also a human being so he also has a right to explain his pain after that Surya tries to steal from Imli's room but he is not able to stand properly.

She makes him sit on his bed whereas Dadi hears Imli's voice from her room after they go there to check whereas Surya murmurs that he should have not commented on her and Augstya's relationship.

Imli tells him that she remembers every moment spent with Augustya whereas everyone reaches Imli's room.

Dadi yells at her after which Imli tells her that she came there to hide a photo to reveal Binni's truth but she forgets where she hid the photo while Dadi scolds her for taking advantage of Surya.

Then, Dadi instructs Imli to stay away from Surya and she also asks Surya to stay away from Imli.

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