Imlie 9th May 2024 Written Update

Imlie 9th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Imlie becoming emotional and holding a pen to sign the divorce papers but Surya comes there after which she keeps the pen down.

Surya asks her when she will get ready for the fancy dress competition after which Imile asks him what the fancy dress competition means.

Then, he explains to her that they have to get ready and behave like a happy couple in Bulbul's marriage so that Bulbul can happily go to her in-law's house.

Surya tells her that she has to tolerate him just for one day and he asks her if she can live without fighting with him then Imlie does not say anything.

She gets ready after which they go to the wedding and Pallavi is happy to see him there while Imlie goes to see Bulbul and becomes so glad to see her in a bridal dress.

Imlie praises Bulbul and asks her how she learned to move forward in life by forgetting the past after which Bulbul tells her that she has learned everything from her which makes Imlie feel surprised.

Bulbul pulls Imlie's leg and says that she can see love for Surya in her eyes which makes Imlie nervous whereas Pallavi introduces Surya to Prashant and his family.

Pallavi praises Surya after which he asks her to focus on Prashant today as it is a big day for him today whereas Anjali also comes there by changing her get-up so that no one can recognize her.

Anjali keeps an eye on Surya and Imlie whereas Imlie brings Bulbul out for wedding functions after which Pallavi takes Surya along with him to see Bulbul.

Everyone gets mesmerized to see Bulbul and Pallavi becomes emotional after that further ritual of the wedding begins while Surya stares at Imlie which makes her feel special.

Later, she runs inside the house and murmurs about what is happening to her and she questions why is she going on the wrong track and asks god to give her the right direction.

Meanwhile, Anjali mixes medicine in juice and she is about to go from there to give it to Imlie whereas Surya stops her which makes her anxious and she covers her face more deeply so that Surya cannot recognize her.

Imlie is about to sign the papers but Bulbul comes there and asks her what is she doing after which Imlie lies to her Bulbul snatches the papers from her hand and becomes shocked to see the divorce papers.

Bulbul asks why is she doing all these things after which Imlie tells her that she wants to go city to study but Indira wants her to leave Surya before going to the city.

Imlie tells her that she wants to free Surya from her responsibility while he is searching for Imlie while Bulbul tells Imlie that she can see love for Surya in her eyes but Imlie does not accept it.

After that, Bulbul tells Imlie that she used to consider her as an inspiration after which Imlie explains to her to focus on Prashant instead of worrying about her.

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