Imlie (Imli) 10th November 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 10th November 2023 Written Update

Imlie 10th November 2023 Written Update: Imlie written update

Today's Imlie 10th November 2023 episode starts with Imlie discussing with Nyonika, the burdens society has bestowed upon them. 

Meanwhile, Sonali also comes there agreeing with Imlie and Nyonika and the injustice that every woman suffers.

Nyonika tells them that it is their duty that they raise their girls strong so they can enjoy equal status as boys. 

After Nyonika leaves, Imlie expresses her gratitude to Sonali for sharing her thoughts and making her feel as if she is her real sister instead of sister-in-law. 

Imlie Needs More Money

However, Sonali tells her not to develop ideas as she only agrees with one of her points but she also knows that she is a fraud who hides behind big words but in reality a double-faced liar. 

She tells her that in one place she is talking about equal rights while on the other hand, she is helping her husband do exact same thing to her. 

Imlie realises the truth in Sonali’s words and feels ashamed. 

Further, Amrit blocks Imlie’s way of talking lecherously to her, saying that they should leave their spouses and get married. 

Imlie tells him to never again dare to touch her or he will regret it for the rest of his life. 

Just then, Imlie gets a call from the doctor, telling her that they will need around 1.5 lac more rupees to get Ashu’s treatment.

Imlie Disappoints Agastaya

She complains to God for putting her in a position where she is forced to ask for money from Agastya. 

Just then, Agastya comes there to apologise to her but feels disappointed when Imlie asks him to give her 1.5 lac rupees as she cries at her helplessness for taking money for his kindness. 

On the other hand, Sonali is sitting alone thinking about Amrit’s betrayal. 

Sonali Confronts Amrit

Just then, Amrit comes there asking Sonali why she is sitting alone and looks surprised to see her crying. 

Sonali questions him about one thing he likes in her, puzzling Amrit when he tells her that he likes everything about her. 

However, Sonali says that he used to love her ambition and dedication towards business but now the business has gone to Agastya and there is nothing left in her that he can admire. 

Amrit tells her not to worry as he is there for her which pierces Sonali’s heart and she plays his video on the phone, walking away from there while Amrit sits shocked. 

Later, Imlie comes to Agastya telling him to take off his shirt as he is bleeding. 

However, Agastya is angry at Imlie for taking the money and tells her that she does not need to concern herself with him. 

Imlie tells him that he also took care of her when she was hurt while Agastya tells her that he did that out of duty because she is his wife for the next six months. 

Agastya shames her for putting a price on her life and that she should keep her greedy hands away from him. 

Imlie Shows Agastya Mirror 

He tells her that people who sell themselves for money can never care for other people. 

However, Imlie becomes angry and tells him that she only sells her talent but he should also introspect what he is doing to her own sister. 

She tells him that she earns the money with her hard work but he is taking away her sister’s right from her.

Agastya tells her that Sonali is a corrupt businesswoman and uses illegal means to run the business and that is why she is not getting the business not because she is a girl.

However, Imlie asks him if there had been a man instead of Sonali with equal characteristics would they have treated him similarly? 

Later, Agastya comes to Sonali and hands her some documents, telling Annapurna that he is giving fifty per cent shares to Sonali as she also deserves a share of their father’s business. 

Annapurna becomes happy to hear that and asks Sonali if she is happy. 

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