Imlie (Imli) 10th October 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 10th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 10th October 2023 episode starts with Imlie searching for the money which she kept in the water tank but doesn't find the money.

Suddenly, Imlie notices that a ladder is kept to the tank, and the wet soil, enabling her to doubt Pallo and Bulbul.

At Chaudhary's, Sonali asks Alka why's she so interested in Agastya's wedding, which makes Alla state that she's doing so since she can see Sonali's incoming success.

Suddenly, Agastya comes in and tells Alka that he knows she values the family more, which is why she's participating in the wedding.

A servant passes by, and Alka stops him telling him that the front gate should be decorated with roses, not marigolds. 

Looking at Agastya, Alka says that even if things are smelly inside, it has to be mesmerizing outside and walks away.

Sonali then tells Agastya to not smile much and seeing Noyonika's incoming call, suggests he talk in private.

Agastya then takes Sonali's leave and walks away while at the village, Pallo brings jhal muri for Bulbul.

Just then, Pallo sees Imlie coming and instantly hides the jhal muri, and she and Bulbul lament about the stolen money. 

Imlie notices water inside and suddenly, Imlie accuses Bulbul that she has stolen the money and the chain.

Bulbul tells Imlie that she hasn't stolen the money, but Imlie points out the wet clothes which Bulbul had worn before.

Imlie drags Bulbul by the hair and throws her and Pallo out of the house, stating that she'll call the panchayat on them.

Meanwhile, Amrit comes across Imlie's village and gradually comes out, to see Imlie fighting with Pallo and Bulbul.

On the other hand, Imlie locks the door on Pallo and Bulbul and inside, calls up a person, while Pallo threatens Imlie to open the door.

Meanwhile, Agastya and Noyonika talk to each other while, Imlie's call comes in but Agastya cuts it.

From the village, Imlie calls Bunty again and this time, Agastya puts Noyonika on hold and picks up Imlie's call.

Unbeknownst that it's Agastya, Imlie asks Bunty to help her so that she can take her money back from Pallo and Bulbul.

Agastya then tells Imlie that he will file a police complaint regarding her running an extortion racket.

Imlie tells Agastya to file a 'rapid' against her and cuts the call while on the other hand, Agastya goes back to talking with Noyonika.

Agastya tells Noyonika that he hates dishonesty, while from the other side, Noyonika wonders if Agastya knows about her getting an abortion done before marriage.

Later, Bunty disguised as a property dealer, and Titu, plan to sell the house while Imlie stands on agreeingly.

Instantly, Pallo asks Imlie to not sell the house but Imlie tells Pallo that Titu has already given his consent.

Pallo then flatters Imlie telling her where will she and Ashu go, when suddenly, Bulbul enters and throws burning coals towards Imlie and the coals hit Bunty too.

Bunty then brushes away the burning coal vigorously thus unveiling his disguise and Pallo beats Bunty.

Imlie too, gets into a fight with Bulbul and Ashu comes in between to stop Bulbul, but Bulbul pushes Ashu away and he faints.

Imlie cries out realising that Ashu isn't breathing, Titu runs out to call the ambulance and after a while, Imlie takes Ashu to the hospital van.

Amrit sees all of this while at Chaudhary's, Agastya decides to call Imlie and inform her about not calling him again.

At the hospital, Imlie cries inconsolably while Titu tells Imlie to calm down and attend to Bunty's call while from the other side, Agastya calls Imlie. 

Imlie cryingly attends to the call, and assuming that she's being dramatic, asks her never to call him again.

Later, the doctors take Ashu to the operating theatre and ask Imlie to arrange money for his treatment. 

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