Imlie (Imli) 11th October 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 11th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 11th October 2023 episode starts with Imlie being asked by the doctor to arrange the money for Ashu, since his health is deteriorating, adding that Ashu needs an immediate operation. 

This leads Imlie to break down in tears, while Titu consoles her after which, Pallo enters and returns Imlie's money and chain to her. 

However, Imlie states that this is not enough for Ashu's operation, while on the other hand, Bulbul takes Pallo aside and confronts her about returning the money.

However, Pallo rebukes Bulbul stating that she is responsible for Ashu's situation, adding that she doesn't want to rot in hell.

Later, Titu laments about losing his money on alcohol, during which a man approaches him stating that he can sell his kidney.

Titu agrees, thus leading the man to take him in so that he can conduct certain checks on him before the donation.

Inside, the doctor asks Imlie to arrange five lakhs rupees in a day, adding that if it's not done, Ashu won't survive.

Imlie again breaks down in tears and looking at Ashu, tells him that she will become lonely if he dies, since Atharva and Imlie have already left her.

Just then, Amrit enters adding to Imlie's anger, who asks him the reason for his coming, leading Amrit to tell him that he has an offer.

Since, Imlie slapped him, if she can compensate for the insult, he would arrange the money. 

Meanwhile, Titu comes in telling Imlie that he has arranged money, but just then the man comes in and rudely throws his reports towards him, stating his kidneys are damaged due to consuming alcohol. 

This leads Amrit to tell Imlie that he has an offer for her to sing in his private concert, and seeing no way out, Imlie reluctantly agrees.

At night, while oiling Sonali's hair, asks her if she has talked to Amrit regarding a baby leading Sonali to say that Amrit is too busy to have a baby, adding that he's still out.

Alka asks Sonali which NGO works late at night, but Sonali tells Alka that she trusts Amrit.

Elsewhere, Amrit brings Imlie to the market area and asks her to sing there, thus planning to destroy Imlie's reputation. 

From behind, some women pass negative comments at Imlie, while on the other hand, Imlie helplessly reaches the stage to sing.

At the hospital, Shankar informs Titu about Imlie singing in the market, adding that Amrit has made this offer to take his revenge on Imlie.

However, Titu tells Shankar that nothing can stop Imlie from singing, while on the other side, Imlie sings.

Meanwhile, Sonali calls Amrit but cannot hear anything, from outside, Agastya seeing Sonali worried, decides to talk to her, but stops since she will misunderstand him.

After the performance, Imlie asks Amrit for money, but Amrit doesn't give her any and walks away.

Imlie then takes a knife and pointing it towards Amrit, screams out he stops, leading Amrit to look at her shockingly.

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