Imlie (Imli) 12th November 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 12th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 12th November 2023 episode starts with Annapurna freaking out as Agastya hasn't picked up the call leading the family to calm her down when Alka too tries, calling Agastya but he doesn't pick it up.

Just then, Agastya arrives who gets emotional since Alka called her, making her stretch her hand to caress him but withdraws her gesture.

Nevertheless, the family celebrates Agastya's return during which Imlie too returns and gets happy.

In the meantime, Sonali shows Amrit the bar video that Imlie sent to her, adding that Imlie has been dominating her by reducing her status to a beggar.

At the Mansion, Annapurna and the family praise Imlie for bringing Agastya when Annapurna gives a saree to Imlie for 'Karva Chauth'(a fast that married ladies keep for the long life of their husband).

However, Alka gets angry over the family for choosing to celebrate 'Karva Chauth', after sending Sonali away, while on the other hand, Imlie gets worried, making Annapurna ask Imlie what's wrong since Agastya has returned.

Meanwhile, Amrit is searching Sonali's bag for the keys when Sonali comes in due to the phone's ringing, making Amrit withdraw from his actions.

Sonali asks Amrit after his actions, making Amrit state that he's fasting since Sonali too is fasting for 'Karva Chauth' who takes the phone and walks out, making Amrit take the keys of Chaudhary Sweets. 

Imlie serves food for Agastya when Annapurna notices her and praises her for keeping the 'Karva Chauth' fast.

She again gets worried, making Annapurna ask Imlie the matter when Imlie goes forward to give food to Agastya.

Outside, Amrit reaches Chaudhary Sweets and takes out two bottles of kerosene from his car after which he proceeds forward.

At Chaudhary's, Imlie attends to Agastya, who tells Imlie that no matter how much the world thinks of him to be a confident person, he is in reality alone as he is an orphan.

Agastya's words pain Imlie who then tells Agastya that he's not alone since if he finds a companion, he will get it, in all completeness.

He tells Imlie that Annapurna and others love him as they're good people, adding that Sonali is right about people pitying him.

Agastya breaks down, further telling Imlie that he wants to ask Meera and Kunal if he was a bad son for them to leave him alone.

He lies on Imlie's lap, making Imlie ask Radha Rani what she should do and tears up while she keeps her hands forward, confused about whether she should keep them on Agastya.

Suddenly, Jugnu and Dolly knock on the door from outside, making Agastya get up and wipe his tears while Imlie opens the door and takes the jewellery, Annapurna sends her through the duo.

Jugnu and Dolly blush and go away, making Imlie confusedly close the door after which she tries to put her hand on Agastya who goes away to help Dadi.

At night, the family wonder when the moon will come out when they notice Imlie coming out of the corridors in all her glory and beauty with a plate full of brightly lit Diya.

However, Agastya is busy on his phone but soon gets out of it and notices Imlie which makes him look at her with awe during which the moon comes out.

Seeing the moon come out in its full form, Annapurna comments that the moon too, wanted to have a glimpse of Imlie as she looked so pretty thus, making Imlie blush.

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