Imlie (Imli) 12th October 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 12th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 12th October 2023 episode starts with Sonali being tensed with no news of Amrit, leading Agastya to tell Sonali that he will go out to find Amrit.

At the market, Imlie asks for her salary from Amrit but Amrit declines to give any money to Imlie since he has taken his revenge.

This infuriates Imlie, thus leading her to threaten Amrit with a knife, stating he better give the money.

However, Amrit fakes out as if Imlie is taking money illegally forced from him, adding that he won't give her a dime.

Imlie proceeds to Amrit with the knife and keeping it under his neck, threatens to punish him.

On the other hand, the crowd watches the fight intensely during which the police arrive and tell Imlie to let go of Amrit.

Just then, Agastya drives in and after coming out of the car, he threatens Imlie with his gun, misunderstanding that she is robbing Amrit.

The police arrest Imlie and lead her away from the crowd and afterwards, Agastya asks Amrit why he always ends up around Imlie, making Amrit state that he wanted to help Imlie, but she attempted to rob him.

Amrit requests Agastya not to tell anything to Sonali since she'll be worried during which Agastya notices flowers in Amrit's bag.

This makes Agastya doubtful about Amrit, while in the hospital, the doctor asks Titu the reason behind not managing money yet. 

The doctor adds that If Ashu doesn't get operated on in the next 14 hours, it will be tough to save him.

Titu assures the doctor that Imlie has gone to arrange money, and calls up to ask Imlie's whereabouts, but doesn't get her.

At the jail, Imlie requests the police officer to leave her but they accuse her of guilt when two of her jailmates mock her.

Imlie angrily tells the duo to keep shut, while at Chaudhary's, Dadi chides Agastya and Amrit for staying out late at night.

Just then, Manno comes and tells Dadi that Agastya and Amrit were out for a bachelor's party, but Dadi disapproves of it.

Amidst all this, Sonali thanks Agastya for bringing in Amrit which falls to Alka's notice and after a while, Alka asks Sonali what made her thank Agastya.

Sonali tells Alka that she is trying to gain Agastya's trust so that he can walk into her trap by himself.

Suddenly, Sonali's phone rings with Noyonika's incoming call leading her to attend to it and from the other side, Noyonika disagrees to marry Agastya. 

Noyonika tells Sonali that if Agastya comes to know about the abortion later, her life will be destroyed, adding that she wants to confess the truth before marriage. 

This makes Alka and Sonali scared and after a while, Sonali tells Noyonika that she is coming over so that she can discuss things with her.

On the other hand, Ashu is brought outside his ward and in his place, another rich family's kid is led in, making Titu and Shankar worried.

Later, Imlie seeing that her phone is ringing insists the officer give her phone so that she can talk to Titu.

However, the call gets disconnected leading the wallpaper of Imlie's phone to come into notice.

Imlie tells the officer that the boy in the wallpaper is Ashu and cryingly asks him to give her his phone.

The jailmates tell the officer to give Imlie the phone, since the other inspector isn't there, thus leading the officer to give Imlie her phone.

Imlie calls up Shankar, but mid-conversation her phone gets switched off, leading the officer to give Imlie his phone.

She calls up Shankar and from the other side, Shankar and Titu cry out stating that Ashu is not receiving treatment, making Imlie worried.

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