Imlie (Imli) 13th December 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 13th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 13th December 2023 episode starts with Imlie entering Biswa's house to take her phone when he finds the killer's mask making her shocked.

She is surprised to see Biswa standing when Imlie asks Biswa about the mask.

Biswa states that he ordered the same mask to crack down the case when Imlie states that she came back to take her phone.

Outside, Agastya asks Imlie about the good news when Imlie adds that closing the bar is useless.

Imlie adds that she got her first client from the outhouse.

Meanwhile, Annapurna sends food for Bulbul through Jugnu while Alka asks for Bulbul to be sent back and not give further treatment to her.

Annapurna states that Bulbul is traumatised making Rajni state that she has no problem with Bulbul as she stated the truth. 

Alka states that Karam is a diamond and Bulbul doesn't have any status to be with him. 

Just then, Bulbul tells Annapurna that she is leaving as Pallo will be back and she says that Alka is right.

There, Agastya comes to know that Biswa is her client and forbids her from doing the job.

At the Mansion, preparations commence for Shivani's wedding when Rajni decides to give Imlie a saree as she misunderstood her. 

Rajni asks Navya about the saree making her angrily get up and Sonali, and Shivani go to Navya.

Sonali states that she knows that Imlie has promised her absence in Shivani's engagement.

She asks Navya to let Imlie to let her join in the party but Navya walks away. 

Later, Agastya confronts Biswa when he gets to know about Imlie's new sweet business.

In the village, Imlie convinces her to help her in making the sweets while Imlie assures her friend's employment.

Suddenly, Agastya arrives and asks Imlie why she didn't tell him about this as he was worried.

Imlie states that he deserves it as he again proved himself by making her friend's jobless and one by one she narrates the situation of her friend's.

She accuses Agastya of his backward thinking about women who work in bars and adds that contrary to his belief where he thinks that they're having fun, they have to work hard to feed their families.

Afterwards, Biswa learns from his manager about Sonali coming to meet him to clear the business' doubts.

Sonali adds that Chaudhary Sweets company is a family business and asks Biswa to give them a chance to prove themselves.

She asks for his identity and Biswa remains silent when Navya calls Biswa for lunch making Sonali shocked.

Biswa gets frightened as Sonali hears his name while Navya continuously calls Biswa and asks him what happened and about the phone call.

He tells Navya that Sonali from the Chaudhary family contacted them to talk about the business when she called her making her nervous as she thinks that Sonali has heard her.

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