Imlie (Imli) 13th October 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 13th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 13th October 2023 episode starts with Imlie calling Mama to ask about Ashu.

Meanwhile, Mama tells her that the doctors have put Aashu on the floor and given his bed to someone else, saying that Aashu will not get the treatment until they pay up. 

Imlie begins to cry, saying that she is also helpless as she is locked in jail and the police are not letting her go. 

Meanwhile, Shanker tells her to stop crying and have faith in God while he thinks of a way to help her. 

On the other hand, Mrs and Mr Johri arrive at Agastaya’s house and offer to lend a hand in preparation. 

However, Amma tells them not to worry about a thing as they are their guest and should enjoy their hospitality. 

Shanker Helps Imlie Escape

Later, Shanker and Bunty arrive at the police station in the disguise of the commissioner and ask the constables to call the officer in charge as they have received many complaints against him. 

On being told that he has gone home, he tells the constable that their lax behaviour means that all the complaints are true. 

He tells the constables to become a cock while Bunty uses the opportunity to take the keys of Imlie’s lockup to help her escape. 

On the other hand, Sonali stops Noyoninka from telling Agastya the truth about her abortion.

Meanwhile, the photographer is setting up the camera on the screen and unconsciously focuses it on Nyonika and Sonali. 

Agastaya Finds Out Sonali's Plan

At the same time, Agastya is busy on a phone call nearby while Sonali is busy convincing Nyonika not to tell the truth as it will bring shame to her family because in small villages these matters are considered adulterous. 

As the technician increases the volume to check the mike, Agastaya overhears Sonali telling Nyonika to decide if she will prefer to see her parents suffocate to death or marry Agastya by lying to him. 

Meanwhile, Nyonika tells her that they have waited for this day for a long time and will continue to follow her lead. 

Agastya thinks about his past meeting with Nyonika and gets angry to think Nyonika is backstabbing him by being Sonali’s ally so that Sonali can have full control of the business. 

Meanwhile, Imlie runs away with Shanker and Bunty in an auto and is being chased by police. 

Just then, Amma ji comes to Agastya, telling him that she has all the papers ready which she will sign over once he is married. 

Meanwhile, Agastya asks Amma if he refuses to marry now then she will really give the business to Sonali. 

Meanwhile, Amma ji tells him that she is a thorough businesswoman and stays true to her promises. 

Just then, Govind comes to Amma asking her if everything is fine while Agastya thinks that if he tells them anything then Sonali will find out too and will change her plans which will put him on the backfoot so he will have to stay quiet for now. 

Imlie Dodges The Police

In the meantime, Imlie’s auto broke down and she looks for a way to get rid of the police. 

Just then, she sees trucks parked nearby and hides the auto between them to keep the police off their scent. 

Later, Imlie feels relieved about escaping the police while Shanker tells him that they will not be able to hide for a long time in such a small village.

He also worries that they have not been able to arrange the money for Aashu’s treatment. 

Meanwhile, Imlie tells him that she will arrange for everything and will not return without the money and asks him to go to the hospital to be with Mama. 

Later, Imlie comes home to steal Bulbul’s phone and tells her that this phone will arrange for his money.

Bunty tells Imlie that she will get the money from Amrit using Bulbul’s phone who has used her name to message him. 

Meanwhile, Amrit is thinking about Imlie lasciviously when he gets a call from her and wonders how is she calling from jail. 

On picking up the call, he asks her if she chooses to use her one phone call from jail to call him and tells her that he will not be able to come and rescue her at the moment. 

However, Imlie tells her that he does not need to worry about that as she has escaped jail which shocks him.  

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