Imlie (Imli) 14th December 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 14th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 14th December 2023 episode starts with Imlie helping the woman load the sweets and telling others to go ahead to their jobs as she will manage the rest of the order. 

The girls tell her that Agastya has gotten the bar shut but Imlie tells them that he would have gotten it reopened by now. 

Later, Imlie feels happy about being right about the bar when she hears Agastya worriedly talking to Vishwa and requesting him not to break off Chuttki’s wedding because of his misbehaviour. 

Imlie takes the phone to try to convince Shiva but Agastya takes the phone back, saying he is just getting even with her for her prank. 

Later, Agastya carries Imlie downstairs when she refuses to believe that everyone is waiting for her. 

Chutki, Avi and others tell Imlie that they have decided to lend a helping hand to her so she can finish the order. 

Imlie becomes happy, looks grateful to Agastya and others, and gets to work. 

Later, she sees Sonali come there looking tense and goes to ask her what is wrong. 

Elsewhere, Navya and Shiva anxiously wait for Avi and ask him if something happened there. 

However, Avi tells him that everything is like usual, asking them about the matter.

Meanwhile, Imlie is shocked to hear about Vishwa being the silent partner and is about to tell Agastya but Sonali tells her that they will have to think about Chutki. 

The next day, Imlie arrives at Navya’s door with her order and tells her that she has brought the order as asked and now she can get the factory opened. 

Navya and Shiva look surprised for a minute while Imlie tells her that she knows they are the sleeping partners of Chowdhery Sweets. 

Seeing that Imlie knows the truth, Shiva convinces Navya to tell the truth to Imlie that they do not believe in mixing business and family and even Avi does not know about this. 

Imlie replies that she has proved to them that Chowdhery Sweets is ready to work in full force by finishing their large order in one night. 

She also tells them that if they do not want to harm the family or Chowdhery sweets then today at the engagement they will not only tell Annapurna about their partnership but also give them the good news of opening the factory. 

Later, Vishwa asks Imlie why is she so concerned about those people who accused her of stealing the bangles while Imlie tells him that they are her family. 

Later, Navya comes to Chowdhery's house for the engagement and hands over the factory keys to Agastya, telling them they are their sleeping partners.

They also give credit to Imlie for helping them convince the board to reopen the factory by finishing the order overnight. 

Agastya feels happy to hear Imlie’s praises and goes to get her for the ceremony. 

However, Imlie refuses to come, making excuses about feeling unwell. 

Agastya refuses to believe her and reminds her that she has skipped other of Chutki’s functions as well. 

Seeing pain flare in Imlie’s eyes, Agastya pulls her to him, asking him to tell him the problem so he can solve it while Imlie tells him that she knows he will.

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