Imlie (Imli) 14th October 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 14th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 14th October 2023 episode starts with Agastya hearing about Imlie from one of the guests, complaining about the absence of Imlie Chutney and deciding what he needs to do.

Agastya walks out of the house and decides to meet Imlie as she is the only person who can save him from the present crisis in exchange for money.

Meanwhile, Imlie gets hold of the phone and calls Amrit to ask him for the promised money instead of what happened as per his plan.

Amrit tells Imlie that she is too naive to believe him as he used her to damage her respect in front of the entire village while he had no plans to give her money or any opportunity.

Imlie says that Amrit needs to pay her which makes him laugh and he says that he will call the police and tell them that she is trying to blackmail him.

Asking Amrit to go ahead, Imlie says that she has already recorded the conversation on her phone which will make it clear that Amrit is the one who framed her.

Amrit gets nervous and changes his tone to coax Imlie but she hangs up saying that she needs the money sent to the hospital within one hour.

After the calls gets disconnected, Amrit notices Sonali walking toward him and gets nervous but Sonali thinks that he is talking to the orphanage and asks him to leave work on the side for once.

Amrit tells Sonali he is coming after one more call which he connects to the police station, asking them to find Imlie as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Bulbul comes out of nowhere and tries to snatch away the phone from Imlie's hands but she asks Bulbul to let her go.

The phone breaks in the middle of the tussle after which Bulbul complains to Pallo and they tie Imlie to a bamboo pillar with Bunty trying to save her.

Bulbul asks Bunty to stay away from Imlie while Pallo pulls Imlie's hair, asking her to think about how she will buy a new phone for Bulbul.

Titu comes there with a sad face, telling Imlie that Ashu is asking for her in the hospital and that they need to go to him.

Pallo and Bulbul stand in the corner with scared faces while Titu releases Imlie after which they leave for the hospital together.

At the same time, Agastya comes to the police station and asks the inspector where Imlie is to which the inspector informs that Imlie has run away from jail.

Agastya warns the inspector to find out about Imlie or else he will take action against him after which the inspector leaves to search for Imlie.

Imlie comes to the hospital with Titu and Bunty, taking Ashu in her arms while he whimpers in pain, asking if he is going to die.

Imlie tells Ashu that she has always protected him from everything dangerous and sings a lullaby to make him fall asleep.

The police arrive at the hospital and ask Imlie to come with them after which Imlie agrees to go if Ashu gets to sleep on a bed in the hospital.

Imlie leaves with the police but confronts Agastya on her way and Agastya asks her to marry him for a few months which will be fake.

Agastya says that he has no other option while Imlie comments how both of them are the same and do things that are morally not good because of the situation.

Imlie says the rich and poor become the same in front of nature so Agastya also needs to admit that fact in his mind.

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