Imlie (Imli) 16th November 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 16th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 16th November 2023 episode starts with Imlie seeing Agastya back from the police station who tells Annapurna that the police thinks he is the culprit.

However, Agastya adds that without any proof, they can't arrest him thus leading them to leave him. 

Suddenly, the police arrive and tell Agastya about them arresting him, adding that they have the arrest warrant and proof for arresting him. 

Agastya asks the police about the proof leading the police to state that the fire management had sent them a notice about the unsafe kitchen. 

He tells the police about not receiving any notice from the fire management cell, making the police urge Agastya to tell everything at the police station. 

Agastya tells the family to take care of Annapurna and leaves with the police while Annapurna cries for Agastya who tells her that she has taught him to fight the problem and not escape.

Amidst this, Amrit tells Imlie that she is responsible for the happenings as she didn't listen to him.

He adds that Agastya might lose everything and die in jail, making Imlie decide to join the bar again.

In the meantime, Agastya is coming back from the police station when Amrit brings the Chaudharys to show that Imlie is a bar girl.

Annapurna raises her hand to slap Imlie but Rajni stops her, making Annapurna tell Rajni that Imlie has cheated them and scolds Agastya for repeating the same past mistake. 

Imlie tells Annapurna that Agastya doesn't know that she is a bar girl and lies to Agastya along with them but Amrit states that Imlie is lying who asks him how he knows that she is lying? 

Sonali tells Annapurna that both Imlie and Agastya are lying making Imlie tell Annapurna that she likes Agastya but she knows that no man like him will marry her, a bar girl.

Annapurna asks Imlie why she returned to the bar when she left it, making Imlie state that to earn money.

She asks Imlie angrily how much money she wants, adding that she could ask for money from her and Agastya while Sonali states that Imlie is unsuitable for their family as her habits are the same.

Alka tells Amma ji about Agastya cheating them too, making Rajni tell Alka not to blame Agastya but Alka keeps stating that Agastya is a liar.

Sonali tells Annapurna that she can't tell her to leave the house, making Agastya shout at Sonali who tells Agastya that he can't compare himself with her anymore. 

She tells Agastya that his bad blood shows itself that day leading Annapurna to cry as she can't take it anymore.

Alka tells Annapurna that Agastya should think before doing anything while Agastya apologises to Annapurna who refuses to forgive him, stating that she can't see Imlie anymore. 

Imlie apologises to Annapurna but she urges her to stay away from her while Sonali brings Imlie's luggage leading Agastya to take the luggage and hold Imlie's hand thus moving her out of the house.

Agastya tells Imlie that he thought she was different than Sumitra but she hurt his family, adding that she mustn't show her face to him and tells Imlie to go.

He closes the gate and cries while on the other side, Imlie too cries and leaves the house.

In the meantime, Jugnu gets frustrated over the happenings with Imlie as he believes he could've stopped it and cries, making Dolly ask him what happened.

From the balcony, Agastya looks at Imlie, making Imlie tearfully look at Agastya.

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