Imlie (Imli) 16th October 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 16th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 16th October 2023 episode starts with the registrar telling Agastya that they only have till 5 PM to get the marriage registered. 

Before Agastya can sign the papers, a couple comes running there asking the registrar to get them married as their family is against them.

The registrar tells him that the time to register the marriage is almost over and they cannot marry without the witness. 

However, Imlie tells the registrar that marriage is the union of hearts and these two already consider themselves married so he should help them. 

Imlie Puts Forward Her Condition

She also offers to be their witness so they can get married. 

Meanwhile, Agastya becomes furious and takes Imlie aside telling her that he does not have time for her social work. 

However, Imlie tells him that she is a devotee of Goddess Radha and firmly believes that there is no greater bond than love and she will not sign the papers until the couple marries too. 

Amrit To Spy On Agastya and Imlie

In the meantime, Amrit comes to Sonali and pretends to be in great trouble saying that there is some trouble brewing at home and he will have to go immediately. 

Sonali offers to come with him while Amrit tells her that it is an occasion of her brother’s wedding and people will talk so she should stay there only. 

Sonali looks mighty impressed at Amrit's concern and calls him kind and loving. 

However, Amrit thinks to himself that he will have to go and find out what Agastya and Imlie are up to before Imlie uses his recording to seek revenge on him. 

At the court, Agastya tells Imlie that he will read out the conditions of their marriage to her so she can have a clear understanding of what their marriage is about. 

Meanwhile, the rouge couple is also taking vows to love and cherish each other.

Agastya's words about money and financial allowance hammers at Imlie’s heart while Agastya tells her that they will only stay married for six months after which she will have to leave him and will not have any right over him or his property. 

Imlie feels humiliated at Agastya’s words and thinks that it is only her helplessness and Ashu’s life that have forced her to take this decision. 

She promises Agastya that she will fulfill all the roles with complete devotion until she is his wife.

Later, Imlie signs the papers and prays to Goddess Radha for guidance.

After a while, the couple congratulates Agastya and Imlie on their marriage and offers their garlands but Agastya tells her that this is not the kind of garland that Imlie likes and goes to get the garland of money. 

On the other hand, Mr Johri asks Amma Ji about Agastya and that if this marriage does not take place now then their daughter will be ruined forever. 

He is about to put it on Imlie, reminding her love for money when the couple's parents arrive with the goons to take the man and the woman back. 

Imlie And Agastya Fights Side By Side

In the meantime, Imlie takes a stand in front of the couple and tells the girl's brother that this is court and they are legally married and they will have to accept the marriage. 

The girl's mother tells her that she does not care for her and asks the goons to teach lessons to the boy. 

However, Agastya stops the goon when he is about to land a punch on Imlie and threatens to call the police. 

The goon is not intimidated and attacks Agastya who is given as good as he got. 

Meanwhile, Imlie keeps other goons from attacking Agastya from behind until Agastya deals with them one by one. 

After a while, Imlie shames the parents for sacrificing their children in the name of society and asks them how could they let complete strangers hurt their children like this. 

She also asks them if they will be able to bear it if anything happens to their children. 

On being told that they will have to live in the society, Imlie tells them that both Sukesh and Radhika truly love each other and have honoured their relationship by tying the knot and they should also appreciate their love and not sacrifice them.

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