Imlie (Imli) 16th September 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 16th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 16th September 2023 episode starts with Imlie telling the doorman to give her a chance since she cooks very well.

However, because Agastya has misunderstood everything Imlie wrote in her biodata, adds that she's unfit for cooking internationally.

Jag, seeing that Imlie is desperate to compete asks Agastya to give her a fair chance.

Agastya, misunderstanding Imlie to be a cheat tells Jag that he won't let her in the competition.

Aiming to get rid of her, Agastya walks away but stops when he hears Imlie stating that he's scared of her.

Imlie adds that Agastya thinks her to be his competitor which hurts Agastya's ego.

Taking a microphone, Agastya makes an announcement to Imlie, stating that she'll be given a chance to cook.

This makes Imlie turn towards Agastya who tells her to boil milk as a task so that she can participate in the competition. 

Later, Imlie gets introduced to modern cooking appliances which confuses her.

Agastya and the other competitors look at Imlie during which a staff helps Imlie to switch on the induction.

Imlie happily puts the milk in the container but Agastya distracts her by throwing a money note.

She notices the fallen note and goes to it but in the process, jeopardizes the milk.

The milk overflows, making Imlie aware while Agastya tells her that she failed since she burnt the milk. 

He asks Imlie if she doesn't know that burnt milk is ineligible for sweets but Imlie states that she wasn't making sweets.

Agastya tells Imlie that her biggest blockage to achieving her dreams is poverty.

Imlie realises that Agastya deliberately distracted her with the money note and confronts him saying that even poverty-stricken people can dream.

In the meantime, Sonali comes in and notices Imlie confronting Agastya and walking out of the premises.

Imlie on her way throws the apron and walks forward while Sonali admires her.

Later, Sonali taunts Agastya saying that he's unfit for the business since Imlie, a simple villager cursed him.

Agastya says that gaining curses is better if he's making the right decision.

Sonali says that the Chowdhury sweets are hers, adding that Agastya is unfit for the business.

Hearing this, Agastya tells Sonali that he's ready to prove himself but asks if she's ready to do so.

He taunts her telling her that he is a responsible son of his father unlike her.

Suddenly, Alka adds that even his mother snatched her husband like he's snatching the business from Sonali.

At the bar, Imlie says that she doesn't need Agastya's job since she can work respectfully in the bar. 

This leads the manager to tell Imlie that the bar is a place of harassment which can lead to her downfall. 

Imlie tells the manager that Agastya hates poverty-stricken people and the manager suggests she show off being rich. 

She states it's impossible, adding that even a thief will give them rs 10 to uplift their condition. 

Later, a servant adds that a rich businessman has come in leading the manager to tell Imlie that everything will be fine now.

Meanwhile, Agastya tells Alka that it was his mother who gave love to her husband unlike her.

This triggers Alka while Sonali challenges Agastya to take over the business.

She promises to change her surname if Agastya is successful but Agastya tells her not to do so, since she is nothing without the surname.

Jija applauds Agastya stating that he's in his team and walks away.

On the other hand, Imlie through her singing, impresses Choudhary Babu who states that Imlie can ask anything from him.

The next morning, Imlie in the car thanks Chowdhury Babu for letting her be rich for one day.

The driver asks Imlie the reason for her choosing this as a gift leading Imlie to state that she's doing so to be a chef.

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