Imlie (Imli) 17th December 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 17th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 17th December 2023 episode starts with Vishwa asking Imlie if she has forgotten something while Imlie tells him that she cannot forget her mother. 

After a while, the artist shows the sketch to Imlie who feels that she is seeing her mother in front of her. 

Imlie tries to leave when Vishwa stops her, saying that she has witnessed a murder in her childhood and he wants to know if it was her mother. 

She tries to remember the face of the person and eventually recalls that it was Meera. 

Meanwhile, Agastya calls Imli but Vishwa switches it off when Imlie checks up on her. 

She feels shattered that it was indeed her mother who was killed and cries thinking that God is so cruel to take two mothers from her. 

Vishwa calls Agastya’s number as he comes to drop Imlie and looks up to find Agastya watching Imli and him. 

Imlie also sees him standing and tries to explain her situation to Agastya, thinking that he might have misunderstood the situation. 

However, Agastya is cool as a cucumber and tells her that it's perfectly reasonable that she met Vishwa by chance. 

Imlie feels angry at Agastya’s indifference which puzzles Agastya.

Later, Sonali tries to talk Imlie and Chutki out of their plan to have Annapurna drunk but they want her and Agastya to clear the differences. 

At night, Karan complains to Govind for not being invited to the party and decides to watch from above so he can take Chutki’s funny pics. 

Sonali and Chutki serve Agastya and Annapurna spiked drinks while Imlie dances to keep everyone distracted. 

Agastya comes down to join Imli while she complains to Annapurna about Agastya’s interference.

Annapurna tells her that Agastya does not listen to her anymore but Agasstya tells her that she is her everything and has taught him everything but what she did today is wrong. 

Imli is puzzled to hear that while Agastya tells Annapurna that she has been an example of a woman who balanced both family and business simultaneously and taught him everything then why can’t Imli do the same? 

However, Annapurna tells him that she was wrong to teach Sonali to dream and reach for it as because of it she is in this position. 

Imlie is astonished at Annapurna’s take on Sonali’s separation and tells her that she was not to blame as Sonali chose to leave Amrit who betrayed her and she would have done the same even if she was a housewife only.

However, it is because of her upbringing that she is not drowning in sorrow but is making a new life for herself. 

Sonali also agrees with Imlie and tells Annapurna that the only person to blame is Amrit. 

Agastya tells them that Annapurna is right that she is responsible for everything that is happening in their lives. 

However, Imlie doesn't come in, making Agaatya worried after which he decides to go downstairs and search for Imlie as he is worried for her.

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