Imlie (Imli) 17th November 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 17th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 17th November 2023 episode starts with Imlie calling Agastya repeatedly but Agasya prefers to ignore her calls.

Inside, the family comforts Annapurna during which Jugnu takes Rajni inside, stating that he has an important thing to tell.

Jugnu confesses that Amrit is behind the entire incident, making Rajni shocked.

Outside, Imlie sends a voice message to Agastya, stating that if he had asked her why she decided to go to the bar, she would've told him.

Elsewhere, Agastya receives Imlie's message but doesn't attend to it, making Imlie who is in the courtyard walk away with her belongings.

In the room, Rajni takes Govind aside while the entire family attends to Annapurna. 

Back at the village, Pallo asks Imlie how is money supposed to come as she has broken her marriage and she doesn't have the bar singing job either.

Imlie tells Pallo that she'll manage money after which she turns Pallo out of the hut, shocking her.

Inside the hut, Imlie breaks down while at the Mansion, Rajni informs everything to Govind who wonders how to tell it since Annapurna's health has gone down.

However, Rajni tells Govind that whatever happened is Amrit's fault and not Imlie's, saying all this in front of Jugnu.

At night, both Imlie from the village and Agastya from the Mansion, watch the moon sadly.

Rajni and Govind request Annapurna to bring Imlie back to the Mansion, adding that if she had been the daughter of the house, nobody would turn her away.

However, Annapurna sadly states that Imlie betrayed her while Govind adds that Shivani, his daughter will return from abroad and her 'roka' will happen too, asking further what will people think if Agastya's wife, Imlie isn't there.

Meanwhile, Bulbul cries in hunger but Pallo scolds her, making Imlie go and give her food to Bulbul who stops crying and walks away.

Imlie asks Pallo why was she scolding Bulbul, adding that she has got her bar singing job back so there will be no dearth of money. 

Further, Imlie nears the bar while from the car, Biswa notices her all the while looking at her.

Imlie sings, mesmerizing the crowd while Agastya comes and roars out a stop to Imlie.

However, she disobeys Agastya, asking the guards to guide Agastya out but Agastya asks Imlie to get down the stage and come down.

Imlie asks Agastya who is she to him, making Agastya lose his hold on the guards and shouting that nobody must interfere as he's talking to his wife.

Meanwhile, Govind and Rajni decide to talk to Amrit about his doings as they don't want to tell Annapurna.

At the bar, Imlie scolds Agastya for turning her away from the Mansion, asking further why didn't he give her a chance to speak up about her actions.

Agastya states that he didn't have to since Imlie loves cheap attention, making Imlie slap him who then, asks the guards to do away with Agastya while from a corner Biswa sees everything. 

From the streets, Amrit calls up a worker asking why he took his complaint back, making Biswa cut the call stating that he has gotten him another job elsewhere.

Biswa tells the worker that he needn't be afraid of Amrit.

Elsewhere, Amrit enters, making Govind go up to him and state that he has something to tell him.

Agastya requests Imlie to come back but Imlie states that she's not the slave of his desires, adding that she'll not go to the Mansion.

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