Imlie (Imli) 18th December 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 18th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 18th December 2023 episode starts with Annapurna calling herself wrong for landing them in a mess while Agastya tells her that she is right to blame herself. 

Govind tries to quieten him but he continues telling Annapurna that she was wrong to choose Rajni for Govind as they still love each other. 

He adds that despite Chutki’s falling in love, she chose to take them in confidence and tell everyone about her love life instead of going behind their back and it is all her fault.

He also points out the strength Sonali and he feels to stand up on their feet is also her fault and hopes that every grandmother behaves equally wrong with her family. 

Annapurna feels comforted and goes into her room, putting a hand on Agastya’s head. 

However, Agastya sings a song along with others and everyone becomes happy when Annapurna hugs him. 

Later, Agastya looks for Imlie and calls her on not finding her in the house.

Meanwhile, Imlie asks him if he had no problem with her coming late in the morning so why does he care now? 

Agastya watches Imlie talking to vendors from outside and comes to her, telling her that from now onwards, whenever she goes out, she will go with him and nobody else. 

Imlie looks puzzled while Agastya tells her is it not what she wants from him so now she will do as he says. 

Imlie tells him that he can continue to be jealous but she is going inside while Agastya stops her and takes her in his arms, telling her that she will go everywhere with him only.

He walks with wobbly legs and asks her why should he have to ask his wife where she is, and should give the list of things that she can do and cannot. 

He tells her that she is his wife and partner but only till the contract is over. 

On being told that she is not his real wife, he tells her that if she would have been his wife then he would have told her to go wherever she wants and do whatever she wants but be safe always. 

The mood changes to romantic and Agastya watches Imlie’s lips as if wanting to taste it but Imlie reminds him that he is drunk. 

Agastya puts her down but does not allow her to leave, watching her closely and asking her if he has been noticing her worried face since she came back so what is the matter? 

Imlie tells him that she remembers everything now and knows who killed her Kaki Ma. 

Agastya gets worried and goes to shut the windows, fearing for Imlie’s life. 

He sees Vishwa from the windows wondering what he is doing there but Vishwa hides when Imlie comes at the window. 

Seeing them together, Vishwa realises that it will not be easy for him to separate the two. 

The next morning, Jugnoo comes to call Imlie and Agastya downstairs where Annapurna waits for them with some papers. 

Imlie worries that Annapurna might have found the divorce papers that are missing from their cupboard. 

However, Annapurna tells Agastya that this is Imlie’s appointment letter and tells him that there should be no biases at work. 

Agastya becomes happy to hear the news and tells Annapurna that she is the best while Imlie also thanks her.

Later, Imlie searches for the divorce papers and suspects that Vishwa must have taken them.  

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