Imlie (Imli) 19th November 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 19th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 19th November 2023 episode starts with Imlie smashing Agastya's car's glass.

Agastya warns Imlie that he'll call the cops to which Imlie replies that she knows they care too much about their reputation to call the cops.

Imlie calls her friend and asks her about their whereabouts, praying for Ashu's safety, she tells herself that old wounds heal but fear never subsides but grows larger and larger.

Meanwhile, Imlie senses someone outside the room and goes looking for them.

Just then, a terrified Imlie meets her mother and they both go inside the house.

However, there's some mysterious person with a horrifying face mask keeping an eye on Imlie and it was him who Imlie actually sensed.

Amrit beats Jugnoo up for telling everyone that he has forced Imlie to dance in the bar but Jugno keeps on uttering the naked truth.

Chachaji asks Amrit to stop as it will not work out in his favor but Amrit is even more infuriated because he is the son-in-law and can do whatever he wants.

The family members ask Jugnoo what he has done that Amrit is beating him when Jugnoo starts telling the truth about Amrit but Chacha Ji turns the words and saves Amrit.

Jugnoo watches the truth getting hampered in front of his eyes but he thinks that it is best in his favour to remain quiet.

After everyone leaves, Amrit tells Sona that this house respects servants more than their son-in-law while she stares at him in anger and suspicion.

Back in the village, Imlie is traveling by her cycle when the cycle breaks down and she stops.

A mysterious masked figure appears before Imlie making her freak out.

Her friends arrive at the exact moment and ask her if she is okay but as soon as Imlie turns to show them the masked man, he has already disappeared.

Jumki asks Imlie to go home and rest as she will work on her behalf but Imlie says that now her house is sold and she has to earn in order to pay the rent.

Back at the house, Amrit goes to Jugnoo and starts scaring him by giving him threats and holding him by his collar.

Dolly enters and begs Amril to release Jugnoo as he has started to suffocate.

Meanwhile, Imlie sings at the bar while Agastya enters leading Imlie to ask the bodyguards to take him out but they remain unmoved.

she says that the bodyguards have the audacity to go against the owner who gave direct order to keep Agastya out of the bar.

Agastya smirks and says that he is the new owner of the bar and then goes to Imlie and picks her up saying that he has fired her.

He carries her outside in his arms while Imlie's friends watch the two mesmerized.

Dadi calls Agastya and asks him to make sure Imlie takes part in Chutki's roka.

Imlie says that if Agastya gets another phone call then she will bang her head but at the same moment, Imlie's phone rings and Agastya gives her a smile.

Imlie gets informed that Ashu is admitted to a new place where no one knows his actual identity.

Agastya proposes that Imlie come back to his home with him as his wife because now she does not have a job or a house.

However, Imlie refuses to oblige and says there's no way she'll go with him as a tear trickles down her eyes

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