Imlie (Imli) 19th October 2023 Written Update

Imlie (Imli) 19th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Imlie 19th October 2023 episode starts with Sonali telling Agastya that he has brought the first girl he found to defeat her. 

However, Agastya tells her that she should not give too much importance to herself as Imlie is an independent girl who makes an honest living by selling at a food stall but there is more to her than that and he admires her a lot. 

Agastya fibs about Imlie belonging to a rich family and who used to have a crush on him before he went abroad. 

Later, when she finds out that she has to work under him, she resigns from the job so things do not get complicated between them. 

He also tells her that Imlie’s family does not know about her job or food stall. 

Imlie whispers to Agastya to stop lying so much while he tells her to stay quiet as he knows how to deal with his family best. 

Manno teases them for having a private talk while Agastya tells her that Imlie is only talking about feeling tired. 

Amma Ji tells everyone to go and rest in their room, asking Agastya to take Imlie with him. 

Meanwhile, Sonali thinks that she will only rest until she finds out what Agastya is lying about. 

On the other hand, Imlie’s Mami and Bulbul come to Aashu’s room to scare him into calling Imlie so they can find out where she has gone. 

Elsewhere, Imlie feels anxious thinking about sharing a room with Agastya when she receives a call from Aashu. 

Meanwhile, Agastya turns around to find Imlie gone and looks around for her. 

At the same time, Aashu cries to Imlie saying Bulbul is saying that she will never return. 

However, Aashu feels relieved to hear Imlie tell him that she will be back soon. 

Imlie tells him to lie down and close his eyes while she sings for him. 

Meanwhile, Agastya gets worried to hear Imlie’s voice which is so loud that his whole family can hear her and might recognise her voice. 

He keeps looking for Imlie wondering how to stop her. 

Alka agrees with Govind and goes to look for the person singing as it is hammering at her heart. 

Meanwhile, Amma Ji tells Alka that she cannot possibly think that that girl will come there. 

Alka goes in search of the voice while Agastya clenches his teeth in frustration. 

On the other hand, Nayonika cries in her room while her grandmother comes to comfort her when Mrs Johri tells her that both Sonali and Agastya used Nayonika to get their hands on their family business. 

However, Dadi tells her that nobody will believe them and only points fingers at Nayonika. 

She tells her to come to Bareli with her as no one will give her any respect here. 

However, Nayonika tells them that she will not go anywhere in fear of society and they can talk all they want. 

As Mr Johri suggests Dadi find another boy for Nayonika in Bareli, Nayonika gets angry and tells him to stop treating him like a doll and she will not be marrying anyone now. 

Elsewhere, Agastya takes the phone from Imlie just before Alka comes, accusing Imlie of daring to sing. 

He also tells Alka that Imlie was not singing but listening to a lullaby on the phone that her mother used to sing for her. 

Agastya tells her that he has told her that no one in this house appreciates singing or listening to music.

However, Govind confronts Agastya for insulting his passion for music and tells him not to be so harsh on Imlie. 

Meanwhile, Amma ji tells Imlie that now she is a daughter-in-law in this house so she should try to make her place in their hearts instead of thinking about her family.  

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